September 11, 2010. CCUAT is working around the clock to improve the safety of the General Public. At the request of 13,000 Corporate Members of the American Computer Science Association Inc.:  we are monitoring the Internet activities of certain confirmed International Terrorist Groups. The Terrorist Groups are under control of the governments of PAKISTAN , SYRIA and IRAN.  PAKISTAN (through it's InterService Intelligence Agency - or ISI, who recruits, trains and operates most South Asian Terrorist Groups), SYRIA (through its NSD - National Security Directorate and AFSD  and Air Force Security Directorate works with IRAN's QODs) and IRAN (through its QODs Intelligence Apparatus and other internal agencies who recruit and train terror groups) are acting in concert with certain wealthy Oil Industry / Munitions business interests engaged in War Profiteering. We believe they are plotting a second 9/11-style terrorist attack on the United States continent. Phase one is aimed at distracting America first by deploying a large number of solo or small group attacks IED, Ambush and Truck Bombing attacks, is being coordinated simultaneously to efforts to revitalize their insurgency in Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, the Balkans, Europe, Indonesia, and the UK.   We believe their principal goal, through distractions and manipulation of American security forces, is to make us sufficiently distracted that a major attack on Continental USA can succeed by leveraging resulting blind spots and cracks.
      CCUAT has initiated an effort to compile a complete list of the Websites used by Terrorist Groups for recruiting, coordination, indoctrination and management of suicide bombers, terrorist combatants and terrorist infrastructure. This database will make it possible for coordinated counter-terrorism efforts in the nations being targeted.

       The Terrorist Websites are being used by Terrorist Networks to recruit gullible, vulnerable, young, variably educated, variably literate, variably of economic stature Muslim men (and women). The Terrorists' efforts search for and recruit those it finds to be easily manipulated.  It aims to make its recruits into willing suicide bombers and militant combatants.
      Such is achieved by spreading fear, fear of: homosexuality, other religions, human differences, and falsified incidents and information. By spawning general hate of Israel, America, Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists and by misdirection of blame and leveraging ignorance the Terrorists can then make the false claim that their own Terrorist Groups' attacks on the West, are in reality just the West/USA staging such attacks under a false flag. This falsehood is then useful to the Terrorists who then fraudulently insist it is all just an invisible effort to destroy Islam, a classic element of the Terrorist Narrative's biggest single lie, designed to incite the outrage of the young Muslim being recruited, adding motive to his or her willingness to sign up and become a member of the Terrorist Group, by creating an entirely false cause for the recruit to embrace.  Governments around the globe have failed to recognize the threat embodied by the Terrorist Narrative, and the overall FICTIONS and FACT DISTORTION being spread by these 2900+ grossly racist, bigoted and fact distorting websites and file shares.  The goals of it all is to: embolden the terrorist groups, enhance their prestige image among their peers and in the Press, maintain difficult to trace asymmetrical coordination and control, accelerate cyber recruitment and reduce the cost to produce terrorist suicide bombers and combatants. 

     Tactical economic measures, such as distribution of Pakistan's Government Controlled Heroin Refineries' product, and distribution of Paksitan's and Iran's large scale manufacture of Small Arms, are also supported by contact points and coordination through many of the Terrorist Websites.  Pakistan imports 98% of the Opiate Poppies grown in Afghanistan, Kashmir, China, Tibet and Uzbekistan through smuggling, and operates 98% of the Heroin Refineries, who supply all of Eurasia's Heroin and Opium to European/Asian addicts, through an alliance between the Pakistan/Afghan Drug Lords and Industrial grade Opium Refiners controlled by the Pakistan Government and key Narcotics Cartel Barons in Pakistan's FATA and NWFP. Pakistan's Government Control of Opium / Heroin Refining in South Asia, is one of the best kept secrets in the world, after the Pakistani ISI's control over the primary Terrorist Groups of South Asia. Narcotics are often supplied in lieu of money to newly trained Terrorism Recruits when they 'graduate' from a Pakistani Madrassa designed to indoctrinate and deply terrorist combatants and suicide bombers, to sell and raise money from as 'seed capital'.

      The significance of this militant, government controlled use of Terrorist Groups, often with tenuous ability to control it, has been dubbed "The Strategic Depth Policy" by Pakistan's Military, has failed to strike home with most of the Governments of the Free World.  They frequently fail to connect that their lands, people, resources and assets are being targeted for conquest by PAKISTAN, SYRIA, IRAN and certain other nations such as LYBIA, NORTH KOREA and the Palestinian Territories. By failing to eliminate the Terrorist Group's many Websites,  stumbling over freedom of speech laws and the peculiar business arrangements and rules of the Internet, they have created an opportunity for Terrorism to spread rampantly throughout the globe.  In many cases, disgraced Hosting businesses (who do not enforce their own terms and conditions of use, preferring to turn a 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' approach to these virulent Terrorist Websites) are acting recklessly, self-interestedly and irresponsibly by affording the Terrorists a literal safe haven for these intellectually poisoning Websites. Such blind shortsightedness exists on their part that it has facilitated the viral growth and spread of the Terrorist Websites in size, number and interconnectivity.
      Many governments have been fiscally influenced by War Profiteering Oil / Munitions Industry Owners and other War Profiteers, who have bribed key members of governments around the world to turn a deaf ear to these criminal outpourings of hate.  As a result, the Terrorist Groups are accelerating their efforts: spreading racism, lies and twisted misinterpretations and distortion of the Islamic Quran throughout the world on these Websites at a record rate. Fake imams are frequently used as false authority figures, to mislead young muslims, and Internet fact distortion, fake news and falsification and embellishment of terrorist incidents is deployed. Frequently the false news stories, false depictions of attacks and distorted facts regarding the groups purpose and religious ideology is dispensed in mediums where it can not easily be contradicted or debunked, such as on Facebook, MySpace and BLOG sites, as well as vast numbers of web shares holding recordings and videos created by the false imams.  A general strategy of camouflaging: the Terrorist Narrative is insinuated into a legitimate looking Quran Education or News Outlet Website. Such a camoflage site will 'morph' from traditional religious or news content of the region into more virulent content about becoming a Mujahedeen, engaging in Jihad, what that entails, and having an "islamic" duty to kill Americans, pilfer their money if possible, mass murder Israelis, and 'infidels' (non-Muslims: Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists) as well as attack and take over their countries and property, is becoming increasingly commonplace.

      CCUAT has concluded that, if these Terrorist Websites and Activities are not halted in their tracks, unchecked they might lead to total deception of, the potential for globally violent action from, and overwhelming bigotry on the part of much, if not most, of the world's Muslim population against non-Muslims and non-aligned Muslims.  Unfortunately, the Internet has a tendency to, in essence, brainwash a large percentage of its audience due to an unbalanced presentation methodology in its design. The presentation of unverified (yet seemingly plausible), unconfirmable (yet in the case of Terrorist Websites, seemingly rooted in Sha'ria Law and the roots of Islam: the Quran) Presentation Content, in the case of Terrorist Narrative, is exceedingly dangerous. Said content in the moment of its being read, factually uncontradicted, unrebutted and procedurally uncontradictable: no matter how illogical, inaccurate or even absurd it may be, a major segment of the browsing public will by and far believe what's presented is true and indisputable. By its very nature, the Internet has raised a very high bar of gullibility and manipulability on the part of a very large segment of the world's population.  It is beyond the scope of this page, to enumerate each and every reason as to why happens to be.

     CCUAT has, below, listed in great detail as many of these Terrorist Websites as we have been able to find, on: "".  We are constantly updating the website.  Please Click on the ZOOM IN tab below (left) to FILL THE SCREEN with it.  An associated BLOG may be reached from the button below the World Trade Center attack picture, where you may comment or submit new Terrorist Site URLs...