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Announcing: John D. Norseen to visit the Russian Academy of Science. 

              His newest article can be read at: [click here]

Announcing: Someone donates ACC Superserver for the use of ACSA for furthering research.

Announcing: Membership reaches the 15,000+ Corporate and 130,000+ Personal level.

Announcing: AIG and MBNA programs reach new heights of subscribership.

Announcing: Jack Shulman's "Upside Down Gravity" and "Light Fusion Momentum" Theories presented at international science colloquium, motion for adoption by world physics leadership to follow...

Announcing: New Portal to open for ACSA, representing a departure from past website technology..

Announcing: Advanced Lab on Internet COMPLETED!
The ACSA's Advanced Lab and University Reserch project has been fully organized.  For further information, please advance to our home page. A new ACC Server has been donated for our use.  click here

Announcing: Geodesic Space Design Institute !!!

The ACSA proudly announces that International Fellow Dr. Gurminder Singh has been appointed the director of the Geodesign Space Design and Telecommunications Institute.  Dr. Singh, a former member of the Faculty at the Singapore Institute of Technology, and a founder of several renowned consultancies, will be directing activities in the area of advanced Space Platforms, and the adaptation of Space Technologies to terrestrial internets.

Dr. Singh will also join the "Advanced Extra Terrestrial Communications" Project as a senior scientist.  The aETc will be hosting visits by Native American representatives to visit the ongoing project site, where ancient communication methods will be studied and related to possible "ancient astronaut" theory.

Announcing: American International Group is now providing low cost auto insurance to ACSA members!!!

Announcing: Fall / Winter Conference Announcement nearing completion !!!

John Norseen announced New Semiotics and the Brain Research Coordinator and LAB Director.  Succeeds post left some time ago by Dr. Preuitt, moves from acting Director to full Director.  To head Speakers programs and on-line Semiotics Research Sharing.

Announcing: Enrollment at an all time high: tops 95,000 lifetime, 10,000 Corporate, and over 2.5 Million associates!!!

Affinity Program announces Record usage of benefits programs.

Announcing: Endorses IMATION SuperDisk Media as "The Physical Transfer Medium Standard for Now and the Future"!

ACSA announced that after considerable evaluation of Portable Physical Transfer Media and Drives, including the removable Hard Disk Drive, the Zip, the Imation SuperDisk (LS-120), the Recordable CDROM, a Variety of Tape Drives, and other media, that the IMATION SuperDisk (LS-120) turned out not only to be the most practical, because of its unique 3.5" Floppy Drive Footprint and Media, it provided backwards compatibility with older 3.5" Floppy Drives.  Accordingly, ACSA announced that it had decided to adopt the SuperDisk as a medium for transmittal of papers, proposals, bids and responses, and other physical transfers of electronic commerce and knowledge.  The 120 MB Capacity and easy ENCRYPTION of sensitive documents by the Imation SuperDisk Software environment, along with its ready compatibility with Microsoft's Popular Windows 95 and NT operating systems, were the final reasons: the defacto standardization of desktop, deskside and server computing around Windows operating systems, DEMANDED a physical document and image transmission standard, and ACSA has decided that the only one worthy of consideration after elimination of all alternatives for reason of various weaknesses, was the SuperDisk.

Announcing: The SPACE and TECHNOLOGY MERGER !!!

ACSA is working with outside teams of Space Science and Business personnel on a program that every grade school, high school and college can adapt to the program of teaching children how to learn, how to create working SPACE environments, and all about Aerospace, Space Stations, NASA, the Space Program and how computer technology fits in.  Stay Tuned for MORE!

Announcing: New "Career Guide" on the Web !!!

ACSA will ultimately be working with over a hundred specialized career guidance and placement assistance companies on this project.  To enroll as a Career Guidance Provider, call ACSA at 908-272-3330.  The Guide will feature educational, vocational and employment application counseling, and dozens of Career Placement Firms offering and recruiting for positions right on the Internet.  Each will have to meet stringent ACSA requirements for ethics and integrity, and candidates will be assured they can seek further assistance from ACSA itself.  Go to "Jobs and Careers" on the Home Page to enter into "the Guide", and remember: all those seeking career assistance from Providers, are also automatically registered as Members of the ACSA!!

Announcing: New On-Line Sections for Professional Publication !!

Those wishing to submit materials for publication in the Living Project Articulum Library housed on the Internet, will be able to do so by clicking a "Submit Publication" link on the Home Page.  This link will automatically accept cuts and pastes of documents in flat text, along with embedded links to graphic images submitters can include in their own Home Page elsewhere.  Documents Submitted will be peer reviewed, and upon completion of the peer review cycle, will automatically be posted into the Library Articulum on the Web and on Compuserve/AOL.  All submitters should forward a recent curriculum vitae which will be posted, in brief, with any publication accepted by Peer Review.


The ACSA has announced formal discounts available to members who wish to purchase Laptops or PCs/Workstations.  The discount program is being underwritten by a grant from the American Computer Company.  The American Computer Company has pledged it will also be donating a per centage of its profits each year to the ACSA to help ACSA's expansion and operations.  The ACSA DCP is not applicable to purchases of computers used in a commercial business context, such as for a Corporate Lan or Internet Service Site, but may be used by individuals in expanding their personal career goals without any limitation.


The ACSA has received a grant to distribute low cost personal computers to inner city schools where needed, and a startup grant to fund the placement of educational computer tools into the Juvenile Justice System (Juvenile Detention Centers) at no cost.  More information will be forthcoming shortly.

Announcing: New Science Advisory Board to be organized for 1998.

ACSA has indicated that it is organizing a new, larger Science Advisory Board for 1998, membership to extend for three years.  Membership is  non-compensated, and must meet stringent integrity and achievement requirements.  Nominations may be made by any person over the age of 14 and should be accompanied by the name and address and phone of both the Nominee and the Nominator.  Contact the ACSA Headquarters for information about whom to send the nominations to.

Announcing: Meritorious Duty awards.

ACSA has announced that it is awarding special Meritorious Duty Awards for those whose distinguished efforts enabled ACSA to flourish and grow during the past few years.  These awards will be announced by May of 1998.

Announcing: Formal STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS created!

ACSA is now enrolling Student Memberships! Qualified Students are now being enrolled in six segments. For the time being, membership is still free of charge.
a) Pre-High School (Grades K-9 US).
b) High School (Grades 10-12 US).
c) Foreign Grade School (Foreign pre-college students).
d) Collegian (Grades Frosh through Senior Worldwide).
e) Graduate (all Masters Students Worldwide).
f) Doctorate/Post Doctorate (all).

Announcing: Formal ACADEMIC MEMBERSHIPS created!

ACSA is automatically granting Academic Memberships! Academic professionals are "Automatic Members" from the following areas:

a) Pre-High School Teachers & Administration (Grades K-9 US).
b) High School Teachers & Admin (Grades 10-12 US).
c) Foreign Grade School Teachers & Admin (Foreign pre-college students).
d) Collegian Professors & Admin (Grades Frosh through Senior Worldwide).
e) Graduate Professors & Admin (all Masters Students Worldwide).
f) Doctorate/Post Doctorate Professors & Admin (all).
g) School Board Superintendents and Admins/Members (all).

Educational Institutions may enroll their students, admin and professors individually, or in groups, by submitting Name, Address (or school address), and email address, along with other professional information the individual wishes recording of.

Announcing: Scholarship Programs and Giving Scholarship Programs!

Scholarship and Granted Scholarship programs are being organized for the 1998 Academic Year. Those wishing to vest a scholarly program to one of the working laboratories for dispensation to qualified students, please contact our headquarters at 908-272-0016 - Scholarship Coordinator.

Announcing: American Computer Science Foundation organized!

The ACSF has been organized as a unit of the ACSA for the purposes of creating an enhanced facilities program that will enable the ACSA University to seek accreditation to commence advanced graduate and advanced post graduate Computer Science study classes over the next few years as an educational exchange program in partnership with Computer Science Departments at High Schools and Universities throughout the world. The Foundation may be reached through the offices of the Chair of the ACSA. 908-272-0016.

Announcing: Student Publications Arm organized.

Any Computer Science Student who wishes to chair an ACSA S-P-A office at their local College or High School campus, please call the STUDENT ACTIVITIES coordinator at the ACSA as soon as possible upon the start of the 1997/98 Academic Year! 908-272-3330.

Announcing: MBNA Auto Insurance Program accepted.

MBNA, an ACSA activities sponsor, has proposed a very competitive nationwide Automobile Insurance Plan for ACSA membership. All interested persons should submit a reply to the solicitations being sent out to membership at their earliest convenience or contact MEMBER SERVICES at the ACSA for copies of the entitlement memorandum issued to MBNA International.

Announcing: Continuation of the ACSA Platinum Affinity Master Card.

Members of the ACSA will receive automatic mailing of an ACSA Platinum Affinity Master Card pre-approval form from MBNA. During 1996, ACSA accepted a proposal for MBNA International to provide the ACSA Platinum Master Card plan. For further information about MBNA's programs, please contact your membership coordinator or MBNA. 908-272-3330.

Announcing: ACSA will investigate a plan for low cost financing of new small businesses!

To assist young, recent graduates and other members of the public in ther efforts to gain entry into Computer Science professions and science or technology businesses in other industries, ACSA recently adopted a memorandum to investigate the possible formation of an outside fund that could make it feasible for qualified individuals to obtain startup funding for small businesses. The program, aimed at recent graduates and experienced experts alike, is intended for those with qualified ideas for a successful product or service business who possess the acumen and drive to achieve success in a reasonable period of time. The possibility for such a funding program is presently being studied and outside providers are being considered.

One major difference between this program and conventional sources, is the possibility that ACSA might provide the startup with additional technological, scientific and business resources that could more greatly ensure that the business would not flounder and would achieve its established objectives. 908-272-3330.

Announcing: Corporate Incubator Co-operative.

ACSA has found a suitable location for startup businesses in the technology fields, with available financing, available venture backing, and a well developed culture of technology exchange in the Central New Jersey corridor reasonably away from New York City, near technology mecca's like Bell Labs, Bellcore, Lucent Technologies, MCI Corporation, Lockheed-Martin, GE-Americom, Sarnoff Research Center, Stamford Research Center, dozens of other advanced technology laboratories and highly esteemed ivy league schools such as Princeton University, Rutgers University and others. Contact the ACSA Center in Cranford for further information. 908-272-3330.

Announcing: ACSA National Laboratory Support / Turnaround Granting Program!

Do you work for a National Laboratory? Then, you are automatically a member of ACSA! Write us for your free membership materials! The reciprocity/support program of ACSA supporting the communication oriented spirit of the ACSA, is intended to foster technology transport and information correspondence between the National Laboratories and the ACSA laboratory, in keeping with the incentives of the US Small Business Administration and the incentives of the National Science Foundation. ACSA is an NSF sponsor, and will accept matching "turnaround" grant applications from any party seeking funding from the NSF or the National Labs: ACSA then seeks matching "turnaround" funds from its "Grant Outsourcing" programs intended to increase the available funds to approved National and NSF programs (and those which are not approved, but which may be of interest to our Source List, anyway!). For more information, contact the Granting Office at ACSA!


From Luiz Manoel Aguilera, Organizing Committee of the Technological Center for Informatics Foundation (CTI-Campinas-Brazil):


    CLICK HERE for full text of announcement.

    The conference will bring together researchers from four different areas - Management, Control, Production and Logistics - to promote a synergy among different disciplines in order to solve complex industrial problems. This meeting covers recent progress in the conference topics encompassing methodological approaches, methods, tools and applications.

From Scientist Dr. Paul S. Prueitt, joint director of the ACSA Semiotics Laboratory, a special announcement:

    A Call for Papers (click for details...)
    to be included in a Special Session of the Second International Conference on Computational Intelligence & Neuroscience. The conference is part of the Third International Joint Conference on Information Sciences March 1 - 5, 1997, at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. Click the link above to view the whole text.

Membership in the INTERNET WORLD EXPO.

WWW.ACSA2000.NET is now part of several pavilions in the INTERNET WORLD EXPO (we are in REGION: USA, one of the top accessed pages). Proceed there and find out more! NOTE: the stamp on our home page has been issued us by the authority of the Secretariat of the IWE and may not be used for any other purpose without their consent. Expansion of the ACSA2000 Acsanet web site will continue from now through the end of 1997. Persons with ideas or suggestions should send them to the Chairman at ACSA World Headquarters, Suite 2000, 6 Commerce Drive, Cranford, NJ, 07016 USA.


Dr. Lere O. Shakunle, formerly of Nigeria, Africa, today a resident mathematician at the Matran University in Berlin, and a scientific and mathematical journalist, has been appointed the Web Scientific Director of the Transfigural Math Lab at ACSA. In the coming months, Lere will be defining goals for practicalized computational automation using Transfigural Math in such studies as spatial mechanics, range theory and advanced Itsonic Mechanics. I will be appointing additional mathematicians to work with Dr. Shakunle in the future on related projects. -- From:  Chair.


Papers in the relavent areas of math, science and mathematics may be submitted right up through January 15, 1996 for the winter and spring project review. Please feel free to submit any relavent papers to (in plain old flat text format, no MIME attachments, please!).

MBNA to issue ACSA affinity credit card.

MBNA America Corporation, the worlds largest provider of Master Card and Visa "affinity group" credit cards, has agreed to issue to ACSA members, scientists and constituents who qualify, an affinity group credit Gold or Standard Master Card or Visa. Stay tuned!



WWW.ACSA2000.NET is now open. Library Additions should be submitted via storage media in one of the compatible open document types. They will be reviewed, indexed and posted. The Libraries will not be opened until and unless all committed documents are received and reviewed.

Notifications to the public about WEB LAUNCH.

H E L P! Please send out email about our new web URL (,so that people will be able to find us! This is critical to the future of our community...

Fund Raising Campaign Committee (FRCC/96).

Board Elections for officers will be held after all nominations are in. Please submit your recommendations by emailto including your full name, address and office phonefor verification purposes.

New Appointments.

All new virtual laboratory directorships will, effective immediately, be called"Scientific Coordinator".

New Appointments - Semiotics.

Two virtual laboratories with a study focus on Semiotics have been or are being organized. This represents a split in the formerly unified Semiotics Laboratory,into two areas each of which complement the other.

  • John D. Norseen, who is working at Lockheed Martin, has been appointed ScientificCoordinator of the Semiotic Biotechnologies Laboratory. John's paper onThe Semiotic Alphabet may be seen in our "ACSA Research" page above...

  • Dr. Paul Prueitt, of Highland Technologies, Inc., has been appointed ScienceCoordinator for the Semiotics Studies Laboratory and will maintain a library ofSemiotics Studies papers documents on line, and several of his publicationswill be spotlit in the coming weeks and will be available on his page off theACSA Research page above. Note that several important workshops have beenannounced by Dr. Prueitt, and appear in his page currently.

New Business Unit - IP Security.

A new department The IP Security Group is being organized to study and further refine the area of protection of intellectual property "beyond the PTO".Advanced information compression and message based automation encryptionarchitectures will be the study of this virtual laboratory and business unit.Appointments in this area will be announced in the near future.

Graphics Unit.

The Graphics Development Unit in New Jersey is soliciting comments on theIMAX images on our home page - as to how they translate on various kinds ofequipment. The GDU has studied these images on laptop, 14", Flat of varioussizes and projection displays, but is soliciting further commentary. Kindlyfax (908) 272-6297, or send by email - your comments, and if you have TrueColor or True Graphic images of interest to ACSA or the Graphics Unit, pleasefeel free to submit a publication request.


MAY 1, 1996


  1.  NON-CONFIDENTIAL news and bulletins will appear on this page until further notice.
  2.  All Research Reports for the quarterly publication must be submitted by May 15, 1996. Contact your lab coordinator or the business office for details.
  3.  Grant Application Form 100-4 may be obtained by calling the Business Office at (908) 272-3330 9-5 Eastern Time or by faxing a request to (908) 272-6297.
  4.  Attendees wishing to participate in the Summit Discussion on Semiotics, please contact the Business Office.
  5.  Copies of the Journal of Transfigural Mathematics may be obtained from the Business Office.
  1.  The Research Internet Nebula has been relocated. To communicate with the Webmaster, send EMAIL to "".
  2.  New E-Mail accounts are presently out of supply.
  1.  Consumer Concerns. If you are a member of the Public with a report of a problem or issue for the Consumer Concerns section, please [click here] for a copy of the Consumer Concerns form, save it to disk, open in editor, fill it in, then fax, mail or email it to the ACSA, c/o Consumer Concerns Section, 6 Commerce Drive, Suite 2000, Cranford, NJ 07016 (fax) 908-272-6297, email

  2.  Membership. Changes in ACSA's business now define a member in three categories. A general member is a member of the public wishing to be placed on ACSA's mailing list, receive news publications and documents. There is no charge for general membership, until further notice. A Member of Research Staff is a participating researcher or research scientist, appointed by the Board of Trustees to Membership of the Research Staff. A Special Member is any donor or sponsor whose gift or pledged contribution has been received by the business office. For further information, please contact the "membership controller" at our business office.


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