ACSA Chairperson Accuses Gates of “betraying” the U.S. Software Industry over $1.7 Billion India Investment

“Shame on you, Bill Gates…” says American Computer Science Association Chairperson Dr. Jack A. Shulman at the ACSA League of Distinguished Software Professionals Press Conference. At the Conference, Shulman said that in 27 years he never before felt compelled to say such a statement to Bill Gates, until now. The full article from the Press Conference may be found at

(PRWEB) December 9, 2005 -- ACSA’s chairman spoke at length to members representing nearly 9.5 million computer science, communications workers and the press, in response to the announcement by Bill Gates and Microsoft of their intention to invest $1.7 Billion in offshore programming services, facilities and education in the nation of India.

Chairman Jack A. Shulman, the programmer who authored the very first programmed application with an early “windowing” user interface in the early ‘70s for Citibank, and who influenced the design of modern desktop PCs for Singer and IBM in the late ‘70s with his visualizations of what should make up a desktop PC, went public with strongly worded disagreement with Bill Gates and Microsoft “for the first time in 27 years” after it was announced.

Dr. Shulman’s comments about the probable consequences of Microsoft investing 1.7 Billion in Indian Software Development, Facilities and CompSci Education for Indian Students, rather than for American programmers, students and facilities, may be found on ACSA’s website at

ACSA can be reached by phone at 866-836-1932.