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Yahoo! News   Mon, Sep 13, 2004
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ACSA"s Public Integrity in Campaign 2004 Initiative - Kerry Campaign Described as "Desperation During a Nosedive" - Kerry + Terrorism, Coordinated

Sat Sep 11, 8:00 AM ET

New York City, NY, September 11, 2004 -- ACSA editorially accuses Kerry Campaign of behaving with "picayune desperation during a nosedive in his popularity". (Main press release at: )


ACSA indicated: Kerry is using tactics and behavior that undermine America"s efforts in dealing with Terrorism. ACSA"s study revealed Kerry"s methods: dancing around the issues and smearing the War in Iraq (news - web sites) and the War against Terror, are actually HELPING the International Terrorists achieve their goals by undermining America"s reputation and resolve to fight Terror. ACSA indicated Kerry is deliberately timing public denial of the need for the Iraqi war and the war against Terror, or defaming it, just as various Terror attacks fostered by foreign terror groups take place in Iraq and Russia.

ACSA indicated it expected an attack on the US that was being coordinated to work IN CONJUNCTION with Kerry counterpunches at the Bush Administration. Such could have the effect of blunting American public consensus in opposition to the Terrorism. ACSA also believes the strategy, accompanied by ongoing Terrorism, tended to deflect Kerry"s perceived weakness in that area by creating a "mental contradiction" in the mind's eye of the average American. In the event that terrorism hits continental USA, the psychological effect would be for Americans to believe that Kerry had won a battle against Bush National Security programs.

ACSA believes both Kerry's Campaign positioning on these issues and Bin Laden's upcoming anticiptaed attack are "being stage managed".

ACSA noted the recent tape by Bin Laden / Al Zawahari (web news) as a sign of impending attack on the US mainland makes essentially the same arguments as are being made by Kerry"s Campaign … oddly, it appears as if Bin Laden and John Kerry (news - web sites) are "simpatico", both attacking Bush using virtually identical arguments. Each of them accuses Bush of responsibility for their own behavior and for the circumstances of the war against Terror in Afghanistan (news - web sites) and Iraq: one of whom is waging Terrorism in an effort to gain control of America and President Bush (news - web sites) militarily, the other of whom is trying to leverage it in a Harassment / Smear Campaign to gain control of America and to topple Bush politically..

Are both Bin Laden/Al Zawahari and John Kerry / John Edwards (news - web sites) serving the same ultimate grandmaster in the world of international oil politics and political chess play? Who is this secret, shadowy grandmaster?

The two waves occurring simultaneously, Kerry"s bizarre campaign and the Terrorism, ACSA indicated, appear coordinated to undermine public confidence and awareness; attacks take place as Kerry insists there was never any need to oppose them. ACSA indicated that statistically, it would be impossible for this to be an accident; it is being "stage managed" from without.

ACSA's study concluded that backers of Kerry are intent upon undermining the War against Terror while gaining access to vast Iraqi Oil Reserves; questions if Kerry's smears (ranging from 60 minutes to Kitty Kelly to various Democrats smearing the President) is being coordinated as was his Anti-War Movement in 1971, during which he met with the North Vietnamese leadership to organize his protest activities. ACSA questions if Kerry is not tacitly allowing his campaign to be used by foreign interests involved in harboring terrorism; whose intent is to undermine America"s forward momentum in the war against Terror. ACSA suggests that a criminal investigation of the primary political backers of the Kerry Campaign is in order, pointing out they include businesses largely involved in OPEC (news - web sites) Oil Distribution who stand much to gain.

ACSA is a leading publisher and non-profit charitable research organization. It's Public Integrity in Campaign 2004 is a non-partisan effort to bring Campaign irregularities and threats to America that could harm the electoral process to light. PI is but one of over 200 charitable projects ACSA engages in. For more information, consult with ACSA's website

A full copy of the entire press release referred to above is found at:

# # #

ACSA inc
andrew vanoceur
E-mail Information

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