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Anatomy of a Covert Pro-Terrorism Agenda: the Betrayal of America

Fri Nov 18, 7:00 AM ET

(PRWEB) - (PRWEB) November 18, 2005 -- In a remarkable opening installment, International Intelligence Expert Professor Edward G.v. Englebart begins his Web-based mini-series which identifies and explains thealleged “an open betrayal of America and the World, the hidden side of the businesses of this family which recklessly endanger entire countries, manipulate currencies and commodities, and cause loss of life on a Global scale”. This article, which Engelbart has indicated will be added to “weekly for as long as it takes to expose their covert crimes against Humanity” bears the inscription “in memory of Ida Tarbell who first exposed the patriarch of this despicable, two faced family as Nosferatu" a characteristic he identifies as "Rockefeller and his Descendents".


"David Rockefeller, the scion of the family, leads one to believe he is the Pecks Poor Mama's Boy of Trillionaires, with a near public obsession for modern art and his mother's MoMA in NYC. Yet behind the scenes he travels with a bodyguard with a shotgun and drives business deals on a global basis with leaders of countries and private correspondences with rapscallions like Hussein, and Castro."

He calls the method of conflict the Rockefellers instigate "carefully staged trilateralism" managed by a repetitive multi-dimensional triad of political, business and criminal forces. He suggests that these forces are manipulated to work together towards causing conflicts that fuel the demand for Rockefeller products and services, ranging from oil and coal and natural gas, to Aircraft, munitions, telecommunications, data communications and computers. He suggests that almost no member of any one industry, business or sector has ever had the opportunity to grasp the full implications of the Rockefellers "deliberate manipulations of every industrial and market segment, and political or governmental agency or agent" over which they express economic control.

In his daring summation of the criminal abuses he alleges of David Rockefeller and his family, Englebart traces a fascinating thread of the reality that Iraqi

Saddam Hussein was in line to receive recognized statehood in exchange for trading his oil to Exxon. Along with it, states Englebart: full nuclear power status and removal of all sanctions, making Saddam capable of using terrorists to attack any country including the USA.

Englebart's account explains how by ensuring that a Democratic Free

Iraq can control their own destiny. Bush administrative strategic planners hoped, it says, to prevent an ongoing effort between Rockefeller and Hussein behind the scenes: the unthinkable (and unmentionable) exchange of Nuclear Weapons for Oil between Saddam Hussein, the Rockefellers and their partners in Pakistan (President Parvez Musharraf, and A Q Khan), a plan Englebart has accused the Rockefellers of plotting behind America's back.

Englebart, a former cold War German Intelligence Agent, now an American Citizen, suggests that had Bush not acted to ally with lower echelon Iraqi military (who melted away at the first sign of American invasion) that right now America would be living in the shadow of a madman like Saddam. Hussein, with Rockefeller convincing Pakistan to sell him a few nuclear bombs in exchange for a cut in the 150 Billion Barrels of Oil in Iraq, would go on to use them and blow up NY, Texas Oil and Washington.

Englebart implies that Rockefeller is scarcely able to control himself, it is suggested that his business empire is even considering political assassination as a means to get control of the 150 Billion known barrels of oil in Iraq, and the likely 400 or more Billion barrels.

Englebart explains how that misjudgment and greed on the part of Rockefeller has led to a clash with the Bush family and the Bush administration that is epic in nature: with the Bush family moral conscience dictating the need to protect the Iraqis and preserve their natural resources from being plundered by anyone, and the Rockefellers trying to displace Bush at just the right moment so as to gain control over Iraqis and their natural resources to do a repeat of what they did to Saudi Arabia: create a royal autocracy and impoverish the people.

This amazing “living story” is said to be anted for “updated almost daily” by Englebart, who brings a unique vision of what’s really going on, a must read by every American, and people all over the world.

Englebart has stated publicly that he not only intends to continue to expand his treatise into a book, documenting the treachery of the Rockefellers in America, Europe and Asia, he intends to also document it in Film and a mini-series.

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William Blackthorn
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