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    ACSA has selected scientists from six of its research laboratories to publish on-line for the Journal of American Computer Science, including the newly announced Neurocomputing / Semiotics Laboratory and a spotlight on ACSA Scientists John D. Norseen and Jack A. Shulman - combining ideas in visualizing bio-technological solutions for human-machine integration, and (even though he left  the association in 1997:)  Dr. Paul Prueitt, (formerly of Highland Technologies), remarkable semiotics work! Today's ACSA scientists will focus on the advances in the Pribram - Pospelov - Hammerov schools of the semiotics engineering - the identification of symbolics and process in behavioral and computational neuroscience. Here are their publications for you to read.

    If you find a topic and have questions, email to the author. If you are a researcher and feel you have research you ought to be engaging in of interest to ACSA's "pro bono vision", then contact us. Human ability to visualize has spurred humanity to rise above and move over the earthly obstacles, and it may very well be Humanity's Vision which saves it.

    No research avenue should go unexamined or unconsidered, nor any researcher scorned. Perhaps you will find a laboratory at ACSA waiting for you, too... A place where doors are opened and where humanity is the benefactor.

    five research projects that set an example


    Scientist: Edward Bogdan

    Mobile Mercury Salvage Vehicle. Computer controlled processing of mercury removal from contaminated sites in-situ. Extremely valuable mercury amalgam recovered while eliminating poisonous mercury from sites which effect our environment and the aqua-fir water tables. Years in development, a perfect solution. A research project that no one wanted to fund for over 30 years, about effecting cleanup on 1000's of toxic mercury dumping grounds almost no one wants to acknowledge are out there, un-repaired, leading to our and our fellow planetary resident's continued ill health. The right thing to do. Someone with conscience speaks out from experience and a desire to solve the problem.

    IMAGES OF THE MIND: The Semiotic Alphabet

    Scientist: John Norseen

    Correlation of thought processes to brain operation, correlation of thought processes to semiotics, cross correlation, revelations on how the Brain serves as a measurement device and signal processor - where the Mind originates - and how a neutral and objective common language could revolutionize the sharing of and enhancement of information through bio-computational trans-perceptual encoding/decoding: the brilliant work of John D. Norseen. Learn what thoughts you think came from where they were thought, how does memory, sleep memory reorganization, and the dimensional structure of the mind work. A cornucopia of advanced research from the foremost mind in the field. Of express and special interest to semiotic scientists, in that the work includes a dramatic expose of how the computational processes in semiotics relate to associated processes in the mind.


    Scientist: Jack A. Shulman

    A short treatise for the layman about the culmination of 15 years of current and 10 years of prior research into the implementation of the human intellectual process in computer hardware and software. The foremost work on the subject matter of human thinking emulation in a machine. Once called a heretic, Jack A. Shulman's theories are 25-50 years ahead of his time. Leading on from his Proteus and Maisey research, Mr. Shulman produced the "Principles of Operation of the Human Mind, and the machine that can think like a Man" - a staggering work that evidenced the fact that there is among us a thinker decades ahead of the mainstream of scientific study in advanced AI supercomputing, a person who sees solutions and the entire design, where the rest of us see only problems or fragments of principles. Welcome to the universe of Cognition, Abstraction, Inference and Induction - and the implementation protocols of Deductive Reasoning, Abduction, Reductive Elimination, Recognitive ParaAssociation and Associative Searching. The Learning Machine replaces the Thinking Machine - and the potential for use of the Neuro-computational device as a human intelligence enhancement tool - originating in his dynamic works of the 70's and 80's - now beginning to be first realized as his technology makes possible what were once just vivid dreams. Learn how we learn, know and remember. Best of all, learn that it isn't theory anymore: it is within the realm of reality - sentient machinery is just around the corner!


    Scientist: Dr. Paul Prueitt (left ACSA in 1997, yet read his remarkable writings!)

    In addition to defining the purpose for the existence of the BCN Group, Dr. Paul Prueitt provides us an insiders view of the field of semiotics engineering and several examples of his brilliant semiotic research and that of others. Advances like his "Process Compartment Hypothesis" (PCH), the work of Dr. Karl Pribram at the BRAINS Research Center at Radford University and that of Dr. Dmitri Pospelov of the Russian Academy are lights in the darkness about the processes of determinism and decision, behavior and engineering anomalies in open based systems. A crucial element in the evolution of synthetic intelligence systems, semiotics research provides a significant archeology. This semiotic discipline provides a means by which to examine humanistics and the synthesis of realistic behavior, one which operates by virtue of emerging Interdisciplinary perspectives from which many valuable lines of research and revelation may be obtained. The future of the semiotic fields of study may very well be the defining moment for all automata and engineering (including post-machine principles) in the 21st Century, the dawn of what ACSA calls the HyperNet-ic Era.

    VIRTUAL COURTROOMS: The Legist - Part 1.

    Scientist: Michael Sproule, Esq., consulting, Jack A. Shulman

    Analyzing the nature of our American Legal System, and transforming the concepts into a proper Automation System which meets the requirements of the Courts and legal professionals, the Virtual Courtrooms Laboratory has produced a visionary system definition: the Legist, thanks to the vision of Michael Sproule, J.D., LL.M. and a several year long research dialog involving legal professionals and computer scientists.

    Making the practice of law and operation of the courts more accurate, less time consuming, leveraging automation, reducing paper, keeping with the legal structure while making it more effective, increasing capacities, improving efficiency - these are the Goals. A special research project to capture the semiotic processes and group behavioral attributes of the Courts and the Legal Industry and encapsulate them in a long range, appropriate system design - a laboratory which is open to the Judiciary, the Legal Profession and the Law and Legislation - when completed: proposed for adoption, if adopted: implemented. A future commercialization project. Today a research project whose positive impact can be made by our properly defining the tools and solutions. To those in the practice or the Judiciary: come join in the all important work of this laboratory! Here is part 1.  Part 2 was the adoption of many of the premises here by the US District Courts with it's Electronic Filing system, a step in the right direction!

    one which may forever change how numbers & logic are looked at again

    Transfigural Mathematics: The Matran Logic and Spiral Geometry

    Scientist & Mathematician: Lere O. Shakunle

    Read Lere O. Shakunle on: ORGANIC SYSTEM DESIGN: the ITSON - BEYOND FIELD and PARTICLE [1], a visionary view of organic system domains, physiophilosophical inferences and the post machine age engineering paradigm. The Mathematical System of "Logical Numbers", a view of "Spiral Geometry" and other revolutionary transcendences beyond Euclidean Geometry and Algebraic Logic. TM is a formally defined field of mathematics which combines truly advanced topical spaces and range theory with existentialism, ontological theory and embracing a richly advanced process compartment formalism. With applications ranging from spatial mechanics through to knot theory and mechanical engineering, the unusually keen theories on a "higher plane" of mathematical existence - from the special genius of Lere O. Shakunle. A delight for the scientist, the higher mathematician and the layman alike!

    and one which should have happened long ago


    Specialist: Constable J. Robert Kroboth

    So many children, so many detention centers, so many juvenile delinquents. So many high school dropouts, so many gangs, so much drug dealing, so much robbery, assault and murder. Children come to our cars and our front doors with guns in hand. Children grow into adults. They are and become what we call "the rising crime problem". Urban areas are suffering. And our youth are being taught to act criminal. This research study provides the reasoning and justification for the use of advanced multimedia educational computers in the several thousand juvenile justice detention centers to give our children A SECOND CHANCE.



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