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T Squared Trees and Topsoil
I. Grounding Cycle
(Anaerobic Cycle 1)
Soil Development Program
Seed Cultivation Phase
Plantings Survey
Essential Mites and Bacterium harvesting
II. In Ground Cycle
(Anaerobic Cycle 2)
Composting and Topsoil "Manufacture"
Nursery Deployment to non-growth areas
Ground Relocation and Cultivation
II. Above Ground Cycle
(Exercise Cycle)
Watering, Fertilization, Nurturing, Tending and Growth
IV. Aerobic Cycle Feeding, Tending and Maintaining
Expanded T Squared Cycle I to III
TARGET Double the number of Trees on earth by 2010
Double the amount of on-hand topsoil by 2010
A net increase in Oxygen and other key normal gasses of 15-20% by 2010
O2 Plants and Insects
I. Grounding cycle
(Anaerobic cycle A)
Plant Loam Development Program
Seed Cultivation Phase
Plantings Survey
Essential Insects and Aphids Farming
II. In Ground Cycle
(Anaerobic cycle B)
Composting and :Loam "Manufacture
Nursery Deployment
Ground Relocation and Cultivation
III. Above Ground cycle
(Exercise Cycle)
Watering, Fertilization, Nurturing, Tending, Protecting and Growth.  Secondary goal: finding ways to convert output from power plants chimneys and coolants into useful materials for fertilizer, plastic processing and so on.  Capture of greenhouse emissions.  Goal: finding ways to make internal combustion engines more heat efficient and eliminating combustion byproducts.  Goal: finding ways to make jet engines more heat and noise efficient and eliminating combustion byproducts.
IV. Aerobic Cycle Feeding, Tending, Maturing and Maintaining
Expanding Cycle O2 I to III
TARGET Double the number of plants of all kind on earth by 2010
Double the amount of on-hand loam by 2010
A net increase in Oxygen content of an additional 5-10% by 2010
A reduction in unwanted Greenhouse Gasses by 30-45% by 2010
Development of relevant technologies and science of use to transportation industry and industrial businesses.
H20 Rivers, Rainwater, Aquifers and Seas
I. River cycle Integration of restorative 'Loam, Moss, Lichens, River Flora/Fauna".  Goal: elimination of aquifer and ground water pollution by chromium, mercury and other toxins, and cleanup of existing sites selling raw material back to business and industry.
II. Rain cycle Reclaiming and purifying rainwater globally, removing toxins, before integration back into the water supply.
III. Ocean cycle Capture of all waste dumping leading to any Ocean, reprocessing using Natural organisms to remove toxins before allowing waste water to re-enter the ocean.
Maritime Inorganic Waste Capture: Development of new techniques to protect Oil Tankers against spills such as chambering, Kevlar armoring oil tanks, integrating automated facilities for guidance, and providing more "safe" ways to process and store energy from oil.  Goal: also to eliminate all oil, effluent and lubricant leakage from maritime vessels into Ocean water.  Goal: also to block further dumping in off shore locations, by creating value out of what's being dumped: conversion of toxic waste into raw materials for energy, industry and business.  Goal: elimination of mercury and other harmful elements from passage to sea.
TARGET Reduction of River and Ocean pollution by 1/2 by 2010
Development of relevant technologies for use by Oil and Maritime industries, and waste product disposal companies.

     Facing expanding populations, increasing industrial output, combustion and chemical/hydrocarbon byproducts from transportation and industry, the planet is experiencing a decreasing oxygen supply. It is  an overwhelming obstacle: Earth has a finiteness of organic supportive resources, humanity must undertake to compensate it's home world by introducing rehabilitative new growths: of new trees and plants, and supportive fauna, must achieve cleaner water, elimination of toxins from its water and air supply is crucial to it's ability to keep industrial production up.  Common sense dictates that increased health damage and ultimately, global catastrophe, face us all.  Rather than become involved in political repartee, the ACSA has concluded that a simple program of the compatible introduction of new growths, naturally purified waters, and development of some useful technologies for business, industry, maritime and transportation, could make a very big difference, avoiding the various sources of conflict which exist in the world today over irrelevant environmental or industrial disputes, which run to the  cross purposes of quality of the environment that common sense dictates are necessary.  No one on Earth could ever object to our having more trees, plants, breathable air and drinkable, potable water.

     Over time, ACSA hopes to gather sufficient knowledge from this activity to prepare proposals for Terra-forming other uninhabited planets, perhaps in our Solar System, incorporating into that knowledge base, scientific principles from the best atmospheric, meteorological, biophysical, oceanographic, and other natural resources available, for the purposes of building a Project Blue-Planet Guide to Terra Forming for Terraformers.  All registrants who participate in Project Terra Forma (2929) shall be deemed Terra Former internists, committed to the spirit of future improvements to our atmosphere and water systems, and to eventual development of the Guide.  The Science of Terraforming for the purposes of future Space Exploration and/or colonization, requires the evolution of techniques here on Earth that are simple, inexpensive, and self-adapting to our environment and ecology...  One principle ACSA will adhere to steadfastly, is to not so much as interfere with any of humanities industrial, political or other business activities, but to find ways to compliment them with scientific and/or technological improvements it develops that will help them thrive will also insuring that we all have enough water and air to breath and drink.  To that end, PTF (2929) shall endeavor to design and implement computational support for the overall project that is up to it's latitude and longitude.  ACSA's PTF (2929) shall always steer clear of any confrontation and/or conflict, since this is a very big planet with plenty of room for everyone.  One positive byproduct expected within 30 years, is increased ease in production of food, and reduced cost for farmers, resulting in a reduction in Global Hunger (one of the primary goals of ACSA started in 1970).

     NOTE: Project Terra-Forma (2010) is a not-for-profit activity, with no particular political agenda.  We are not affiliated with any environmental agency or organization.  The sole purpose of the project is to cooperatively find ways to increase the quality of the breathable and drinkable environment on earth by the year 2929 by mass expansion of the numbers of trees, plants and supportive insects, soils and loams, and development of any technology useful to business, industry, maritime and transportation, capable of improving their ability to comply with ever more intensive public and government pressure regulating toxic-to-the-environment emissions, waste dumping, spills and byproducts.  We have no political agenda.

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