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 Revisited by Terrorism - Al Qaeda, Circa 2009??
  -- by James Hanson, Advances Magazine / ACSA INC. 


AL QAEDA ADOPTS NEW STRATEGY: "STEALTH TERRORISM"? It appears that times have changed, when it comes to terror attacks that are committed by Al Qaeda - we believe a new wave may be approaching so we are re-commissioning this Blog so as to support public awareness among our members: employees of the 14,000 companies in the computer and telephone industries and millions of members of the public with common interests.

   We now believe it possible that two suspected Al Qaeda attacks, one in Little Rock, Arkansas, the other against a Jetliner over the Atlantic, involve Al Qaeda using a new strategy: simplified personnel deployments of a much smaller scale against Continental USA and the West.  One involved Carlos Beldsoe, A/K/A Abdulhakim Muhammed, whose cowardly attack on the Army/Navy Recruiting Center in Little Rock last week is very much on the record, resulted in the deaths of two young military servicemen. The other, a "possible terror event" (the Brazilian Authorities agree with the ACSA that unless the black box recorder can be found, it can't be ruled out) involved the loss of Flight 447 over the Atlantic last week June 1st. Of course, valiant efforts by the Brazilian and French Authorities with the help of other Navys to locate the wreckage, so as to investigate the cause and locate loved ones, are under way but have not been successful yet, although bodies and refuse have been found. 

   These attacks involved relatively small logistical efforts - a suspect travels perhaps to Yemen after converting to Islam and is wooed over by terror recruiters, is trained in weapons and logistics, and then returns to the USA.  He buys three automatic weapons, browses the web for targets and then hits one at 9112 Rodney Parham St, Little Rock, leveraging the 911 in that address, as a sign people will latch onto.

    Meanwhile, anticipating President O'Bama's trip to Cairo to further develop relationships between the US and the Arabic world, another team in Brazil, maybe builds a potent bomb from materials readily available, and then smuggles it onto a Jetliner bound for Paris using the A/C or Cargo Bay to gain surreptitious entry to the A330-200 Jet?  These movements are difficult, at best, to track and prevent.  On a closed, busy apron, the right side of a Jetliner faces away from the Passenger Terminal, and many technicians are in and out of the plane during pre-flight readiness operations. 

   Prior to 911, Al Qaeda had over 20 trainees training to fly jets into US targets inside the USA.  In early 2001, a chance encounter between the FBI and a trainee being trained to TRANSPORT these pilots to Newark Airport by air, who was flipped, caused most of these flight trainees to come to believe they were going to be arrested, so they fled the country around the time Mohammed Atta and his teams of ready trained pilots for six jets entered the USA from Canada.  Otherwise, there might have been as many as 19 to 27 targets hit on 9/11.  Al Qaeda has learned over the years that the larger the "footprint" of a terror attack, the more likely it will be detected.  So it has considerable incentive to minimize its attacks and go for volume, hoping that the miniscule "evidence footprint" left behind by smaller attacks, will easily slip through the cracks and go undetected.

    It is possible, for example, that in the airport in Brazil as Flight 447 was being serviced, a technician that was not a technician got onboard, or that a package was added to the pallets entering the Cargo Bay after the security screening.  Such logistical activities have "small footprints" that are difficult to anticipate, hard to observe among the many, and if unaccompanied by any detailed and known modus operandi characteristics, would be impossible to detect until after a Jet crashes, which if over 10,000 feet of Ocean water, would likely never be discovered, proven nor tracked back to Al Qaeda without a very lengthy investigation.  Here is the timeline of Flight 447's last few minutes of flight according to someone with knowledge of the disaster:

11 p.m. local time The pilot sends a manual signal saying the jet was flying through CBs towering cumulo-nimulus thunderheads.

11:10 p.m. A cascade of automatic messages indicate trouble: The autopilot had disengaged, stabilizing controls were damaged, flight systems deteriorated.

11:13 p.m. Messages report more problems: The system that monitors speed, altitude and direction failed. The main flight computer and wing spoilers failed.

11:14 p.m. The final message indicates a loss of cabin pressure and complete system failure catastrophic events in a plane that was likely already plunging toward the ocean.

The precise circumstances and time duration, would completely contradict any likelihood that a "Pitot Sensor" icing condition caused this.  In point of fact, because of the relatively slow speed of the telemetric transmission protocols in use communicating back to Air France, and the enormous volume of information needed to transmit during failures, it is very likely (and our Co Chairman concurs below in his statement) that the four minutes between the initial event and the final message were about the amount of time it took for the computers and telemetric data being transmitted to empty out into the transmission system.  The complete loss of cabin pressure, signaled at 11:14 in the final sequence, which takes about 15-30 seconds when a cabin is ruptured, would likely already have been underway as of 11:13, in fact likely as of 11:10 when we believe (assuming this was from a BOMB, which seems very likely) that the Cockpit and Passenger cabins were penetrated by some kind of explosion.  The suddenness of the failed systems message cascade (which reportedly took place at the same time as the pilot called in: "We're having a problem here" and was not heard from again) is a very strong indicator of massive disruption, something a Bomb or other explosion would have most likely had to have been the cause of. Iced Pitot Sensors do not lead to this degree of calamity. It has been confirmed to the press that the above failure messages took place as the plane was still flying level at high altitude or as it began to fall from high altitude.

   What would cause Al Qaeda to reduce the "footprint" of its activities?  For one: this kind of attack has had considerable past success in Iraq, Israel and elsewhere. Equate them with suicide bombings and IEDs.  They attract very large audiences because of the horror they cause families of victims. They can expose audiences to further attack at least among those that congregate in public areas or near the site of the attack. We believe one of Al Qaeda's biggest motives may be their fear of detection, apprehension and capture. America has been pressing the battle to them militarily. So, anything that detaches them from association with an attack, yet achieves the same ends, might be viewed as detrimental to Congress justifying further military action. Secondly: Al Qaeda may be trying to undermine the use of legal processes of the US and the rest of the world, by making such terrorism unprosecutable as to the parent franchise: Al Qaeda and its personnel. If we have no evidence to connect acts of terror committed by Al Qaeda personnel, we may find it difficult to justify the criminal investigation process, it may necessitate even more investigation resources to be spent on when our resources are already very taxed, and it may blind us within the legal process to the nature and degree of threats, since political justification for security expenditures is often proportionate to the ability of lawyers to argue a case, and how does one argue a case against phantom terrorists and stealth terrorism, unless one recognizes it for what it is?  By engaging in a number of small, stealthy terror attacks using embedded cells which immediately disband and can not be associated with the actions that led to the BOMBING or SHOOTING, rather than one larger ones like 9/11, they tactically reduce the probability of prior detection and interdiction and undermine our ability to muster support for special measures aimed at protecting this country and our allies.

    At a time when the public feels such expenses unjustified and wants to wind down the war in Iraq, confusing it for the essential effort to provide homeland security, the enemy has identified what it believes to be a weakness it can exploit for its own benefit.  It has already established itself as "terror enemy number one".

    However, If Al Qaeda is to remain a viable terror enemy against America, the West, Israel and "infidels" (to quote them), they are going to want to take steps to commit jihadist terror attacks, yet they likely won't have to take credit publicly at all any longer. It will be assumed, but legally improvable. They can use the attacks as grist when recruiting new personnel, and when raising money among fundamentalists.  We believe Al Qaeda has every reason to commit Stealth Terrorism through some very public, yet seemingly small attacks, in a way that signals a change in their methods. If Flight 447's crash was the results of a terror plot, we must verify that.  They know that if it can not be established that it can be proven in Court, that the FBI and Department of Justice may not be able to take steps to prevent it, and the very un-astute American public (in their minds) will simply oppose any steps being taken, using the reasoning that "innocent until proven guilty" requires letting them off the hook, opposing any changes in the law that might compromise American legal notions and the perception of deprivation of freedoms.  They completely understand the limits of US Criminal Law on the subject. 

   So, based on empirical study of evidence released to the Press, it does appear they could be engaging in acts that they know can not meet the prima facie evidentiary requirements used by the Department of Justice, Attorney General and FBI, the French authorities, Brazilian authorities, etc., to engage in prosecution, rendering them useless as a tool to fight terrorism, as who are they going to prosecute, the wind? This is a trend we had feared they might engage in and likely have been planning on for years.  And Al Qaeda is clearly under pressure from the US and Coalition Military, so anything they can do to undermine America's resolve is likely, to Al Qaeda, a good thing.

   We believe that the Pakistani ISI and Al Qaeda, facing pressure over Heroin Trading for base capital with Afghan poppy growers, and over military efforts to quash Al Qaeda and Taliban domination of the Swat Valley Mining Region in Pakistan, has decided instead of using the usual bravado after a successful terror strike, to ramp up terror attacks using STEALTH TERRORIST ATTACKS intended to create maximum damage and fear while not claiming believably any credit.  Accompanied by preceding messages by Al Zawahari and Bin Laden, the above two matters would clearly send a message: how are you going to fight us, if you can't connect us to the Terrorism itself? 

   This tactic is actually not new, as the ISI, an official arm of the Pakistan Government, which created, cultured and cultivated Al Qaeda and the Taliban, has been using STEALTH TERROR GROUP Organizational Development since the days President Bhutto first organized it with the help of then Lt. General Parvez Musharraf two decades ago.  It is the natural descendent of espionage based activities that Al Qaeda appears now content to organize training and deployment for an Abdulhakim Muhammed or a bomb onboard a Flight 447, and sit back and allow the Public and the Government time to gather and figure out that we're looking at a NEW STYLE adopted by them so as to prevent providing justification to the US Military to strike at them and which tends to undermine political backing for military action against terrorist groups, one of their key objectives.  They know that the FBI and DHS can not succeed alone against Terrorism, without the help of the Military, and so they are trying to continue to create terror in the world, while simultaneously, politically undermining the use of Military force against it.

ONE OF OUR CHAIRMEN SPEAKS: The way Flight 447 was reported to us, caused us to confer with one of our Chair People, who has among other things, developed flight system oriented supercomputers that maintain flight for sophisticated jet flying platforms.  He considered our information on Flight 447 and concluded as follows:

   "Speaking only as a person knowledgeable in the way computers control flight and the reporting telemetry normally used, first: there is very little information and not enough to conclude conclusively: however I'd have to conclude that it does appear a BOMB struck Flight 447 - a calculated deduction on my part that was also my first and most immediate reaction when this tragedy was first reported by the Press. However, the jury is still out on this and I could be missing information that would lead me to conclude otherwise."

   "The way the Airbus 330/200 is equipped, most of its redundancy is based on insuring that any single failure is diversely capable of immediately being replaced by a functioning and physically diverse redundant system, however it is possible for an entire system of redundant parts to fail under certain circumstances and report so many (25) simultaneous system failures as was transmitted by Flight 447 to ground controllers. Major disruptions similar to this can occur as follows."

   "One: if the cockpit and tail of the plane become completely detached or badly damaged at the same time. This has to do with the power system design.  Two, if the avionics and redundant computer bay is ruptured and open to low pressure suddenly and internal wiring is destroyed sufficiently and/or power detached completely. Three, if all or most all power within the plane is disrupted simultaneously by an explosive force sufficient to cause near immediate power down with no way to restart. Failure reports would still have ample time to be delivered by telemetry radios to ground stations as onboard buffer capacitors act like batteries and short term memory batteries in these radios can supply enough power for 4-5 minutes of transmission so as to allow the relatively slow transmission speeds to empty data out of the data buffers on these radios.  However, to have so completely failed at all levels after which the cascade of failure information was transmitted at exactly 11:10 PM on June 1, a plane like the A330/200 really does have to have a major physical disruption of nearly all of its major power zones within the plane, suggesting a MASSIVE EXPLOSION perhaps in the cargo bay.  The crew would have had to be incapacitated if they could radio no more verbal messages to the Air Traffic Controllers, or their radios completely offline.  Even in severe emergencies, crew get off more than a panicky 'We have a problem here!' followed by ongoing and lasting silence (as reported by the Press)."

   "Some press have claimed the crew wrestled with the plane for 15 minutes before going off screen. There is still considerable inclarity about the last 10-15 minutes of the flight. Were that the case, at least one of the plane's radio transmitters would have been able to be fired up off local power in the cockpit and  orally updated ground control as to the primary cause of the problem.  That is unconfirmed but from reports, it sounds like that never happened, suggesting that the cockpit crew was killed at the outset and that the plane became a 'Flying Dutchman' spiraling in figure eights, the first four minutes of which data buffers in the onboard systems dumped 24 error messages to Air France's data monitoring systems onshore."

   "They may have flown the plane for 15 minutes after disastrous incident, but the plane was quite clearly in a state of damage to such an extent that no matter how valiantly the crew tried to recover it, or if they were killed by the inception incident, it likely was doomed by total power outage, or they'd have succeeded at communicating or recovery. The 15 minutes after communications loss does sound like a classic 'Flying Dutchman' figure eight spiral down into the ocean with no one left alive at the controls, or no way for any control to be maintained. If, however, it went off Radar immediately after decompression at 11:14, that would suggest a nose dive into the ocean, which would very likely break up such a jet plane from extreme stress due to extreme velocity, prior to hitting the water, particularly if it remained under jet power in its fall." 

   "The recent indications form the Press were that there was a 15 minute gap of silence with little or no telemetry after 24 sudden failure indicators (allegedly taking 4 minutes to transmit to Air France - the telemetry computers can run for about five minutes on internal capacitors and can continue to transmit even after power failure), and then sudden complete disappearance of all avionics telemetry and the plane itself off radar and radio.  This would suggest that a sudden catastrophe took place sufficient to cause the 24 indicators to all simultaneously send failure messages in the brief space of time, four minutes, it took for the radio telemetry system to fail off their backup power."

   "At the time of the failure, SPEED SENSORS started reporting the wrong speed, but suggestions by Air France that pitot icing of these sensors could have caused the disaster, is belied by the loss of all power on board, and by the fact that the heating equipment on the sensors and the sensors themselves were powered up.  Further, icing does not cause radio transmitters or other power failures to take place.."

   "If then, it took 15 minutes for the plane to disappear off radar and it did not emit any further telemetry and no contacts from the crew, it would suggest EXPLOSIVE DISRUPTION OF ALL EQUIPMENT ON BOARD THE JET, followed by a 15 minute effort by the Pilot to try and control and fly the plane without sufficient working systems, or death of the flight crew,  with literally all of the onboard equipment either electronically down or in viable, followed by spiraling crash as an attempted emergency landing would have been impossible to accomplish without onboard electronic systems.  Pitot Icing of the speed sensors would not explain total power outage nor the massive failures at 11:10.  But total power outage (e.g.- no telemetry, and no radio contact, followed by figure eight circling and a crash) would explain the wrong speeds being reported at the time of said explosive event."

   "On a plane like the A330/200, there is not much equipment for manual control, to keep a plane flying level and steady for a while some local electronics must remain working, but generally there is inability to do much to control a fly by wire jetliner if it is badly enough damaged and gradually coming apart. However, given the spiral figure eight pattern of flight 447, it sounds to me like the flight crew were killed, and the plane spiraled out of control until it crashed or dove at high speed into the water, breaking up on the way.  I would mention that if a bomb was detonated, it is likely the entire plane experienced high altitude decompression, sparing the passengers the last 15 minutes of Hell, as the plane gradually crashed in the water.  Merciful or not, it's a horrible tragedy. If, on the other hand, it went down immediately, the speed with which it did so would have fractured the airframe and broken it apart before it hit the water, spreading the debris (update: as has been found)."

  "NOW, based on the analyses I've read online: It seems likely that this jet was hit by something, most likely a carefully placed BOMB, or perhaps an internal failure that led to an EXPLOSION that completely disrupted all its avionics and radios at once, but obviously did not knock it out of the sky immediately.  Unfortunately, given the scenario, a BOMB seems most likely. It would have had to have been well placed to so completely disable the Jet's power system, as the A330 is a well designed airframe with safety in mind."

  "In the A330/200, that means a BOMB in the forward cargo compartment near the Electronics bay.  The plane despite being damaged, appears to have then been able to keep flying for roughly 15 minutes, mute, after which control failure led it into the Atlantic.  If by some miracle the pilot tried to land it in a belly landing, it would have, if no longer sealed, sank in thousands of feet of water.   That would account for the lack of actual debris.  However, if it did land soft, there conceivably could have been flotation devices in the Atlantic, but unfortunately, in a storm of that magnitude and during this part of the season, survival would be very unlikely and they'd be very few and far between relative to the ocean and difficult to locate. Beacons on flotation devices, if there were any, would run out of battery in less than a day."

   "We at the ACSA, the management and membership, extend our deepest sympathy and support for the families whose loved ones were lost in this tragedy.  We wish this tragedy might have been prevented, one or more of our members and staff have stated to us that their family have taken this particular flight from Brazil to Paris three or more times in the past.  It is extremely horrifying to learn that it happened.  We extend our hearts and souls to the families of those who passed."

   Our Co Chair, himself, is well schooled on terrorism's methods and consequences, added as a post script when asked about whether or not this was terrorism:

   "Unless Air France releases more factual information to support their 'icy speed sensor' proposition, alas, Terrorism can not be ruled out, they use Bombs on Planes, nut-cases use Bombs and some unscrupulous intelligence/military organizations use Bombs to target individuals they want to eliminate. In Brazil, the authorities were quoted as saying there had been a BOMB THREAT called in prior to Flight 447's departure.  It is not clear if any effort was made to search the Jet or its Cargo or if the report referred to a Bomb Threat made in fact about a different jetliner.  Perhaps the call was placed so as to throw Air France off and allay their suspicions by making an empty threat. Or maybe it was a signal. Since it appears that no Terror Group has been singled out by the world's authorities as having come forward (which is strange inasmuch as such groups will step forward and claim credit when a Space Shuttle crashes), it may be what we fear the most here: a STEALTH TERROR ATTACK intended not to bring about awareness of those who caused it so as to prevent their being sought out and brought to Justice. If a Bomb Threat was received by Air France and the Jet was not stopped, passengers taken off, and the jetliner searched from nose to tail with the proper equipment and sniffing dogs, then considerable negligence could give rise for them. But I have not yet heard of a case where terrorists call in a bomb threat after placing a bomb on board a plane, they want the bomb to succeed, not be found and defused.  However, placing a bomb threat on a different plane days before, that does sound like something Al Qaeda might perpetrate.  It's sadistic."

   "We have recently seen an individual by the name of Abdulhakim Muhammed travel to Yemen Republic where he easily could have been recruited and trained, return to the states and commit a horrible act of  cowardly terrorism against two very young soldiers in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He could very easily have been another example of a new method in use by international terror: Terrorism by Proxy with No Credit Taker, a/k/a 'Stealth Terrorism'."

   "We at ACSA had been predicting a possible shift into this kind of terrorism against the West and US Continent for a while, on the face of continuous pressure by the US Military, an Al Qaeda whose significance in the world appears to be waning, and who is feeling the pursuit by the Military and the FBI and others, likely has to start doing something to rally its battle cry against America, Israel and the West in general and 'infidels' in specific.  Otherwise it could have a very difficult time recruiting additional terrorist personnel.  Referring to having 'blown up Flight 447' or 'Killing US Army Personnel in Arkansas' during private recruitment and fund raising programs might be an effective recruiting and fund raising tool."

   "And, meanwhile, if no one can prove it, lack of said visible proof tragically puts a real stopper in the Genie's Bottle of the Department of Justice pursuit of such terrorists, for certain, and leaves detection and pursuit up to the intelligence community which is hampered by bureaucracy, funding problems and lack of personnel itself.  If 'Terrorism by proxy with no credit claimed' has been lately adopted by Al Qaeda and affiliated terror groups, the steps they take will be designed to confound investigators and some very special efforts are going to be needed to confound Al Qaeda or other groups in return."

    "I personally commend the French Government (and the Brazilian Navy and others engaging in this search including the US Navy and the Extra Terrestrial Armed Forces of the US) for dispatching a French Nuclear Sub to the area of the crash, everyone is doing their part. The Sub may be able to ping the underwater location of the jetliner and retrieve its black box by locating their pings, and perhaps the balance of the bodies of lost crew and passengers will be recovered before they are lost to the ocean, an examine or even assist in an underwater recovery (however the depths in that area are very deep, so that may be impossible).  Those black boxes could provide insight to determine if the above suspicions are correct and Flight 447's downing was an act of terrorism or if it was a breakdown of and failure of the 330/200 or some kind of storm precipitated disaster.  It is very important that we get to the bottom of this to be certain.  Most telling is the silence from the flight crew after the brief expression identifying a sudden problem. If that was followed by a 15 minute spiral into the ocean, at least Explosive Decompression could be proven.  What caused it would be the key question."

###  ACSA - June, 2009 ADVANCES MAGAZINE Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Subject to perpetual revision.

EDITORIAL: As a result of an illegal invasion and search and seizure here at the ACSA by the FBI in June of 2008, a member has filed a civil rights suit for criminal misconduct by a very uninformed and ill equipped CT-3 unit.  Our public monitoring program had received a report of an alleged Iranian terrorism threat from a West Coast member whom had received it from a known female member of the Intelligence Community. When asked for their opinion since it looked like a hoax, the local CT-3 Squad took it as an opportunity to criminally harass us in what ultimately turned out to be a set up retaliating against our report of a possible terror attack on Mumbai over the Thanksgiving Holiday 2008 that FBI incorrectly thought was bogus.

   While we had turned over any further public reporting to the Computer Companies United Against Terrorism organization, and decided not to publish our findings unless another 9/11 type disaster occurred, so as to protect our members volunteering to work here from further criminal behavior by others: We do understand however that the FBI is trying to clean up that practice by disciplining agents who overreach and removing those who just don't get it.  

   Meanwhile, the FBI dropped the ball on our Mumbai Report in March of 2008, which advised them that someone had emailed in a report we interpreted as meaning that a terror attack would take place during Thanksgiving 2008 in Mumbai. The FBI reportedly did nothing to confirm the report and that and their interference with us, failed to prevent the actual Mumbai attack resulting in 150 unnecessary deaths among civilians and police in Mumbai. Instead, FBI engaged in a retaliatory attack on the ACSA in June of 2008, five months before the Mumbai attack by L-E-T took place.  This exact scenario, FBI ignoring public reports and threatening or attacking US public organizations who discover information, had been predicted by the ACSA since prior to 9/11 and complained of in testimony before Congress.  Sadly, it took the unnecessary loss of 150 lives in Mumbai to drive the point home, the FBI has serious internal problems, apparently hiding a deeply narrow minded obsession with certain kinds of information sources, ignoring all else and slamming the public by automatically accusing them of filing false reports, which accounts for its relative lack of success in preventing terror attacks in the first place.  The do not investigate reports, as a result, they never learn they were legitimate, and then they continuously discredit the origins, so as to cover their asses. 

About the only successful FBI originated terror captures are the ones which were the byproduct of other agencies' investigations, that the FBI jumped in on later in the game, such as the recent apprehensions in NY State or the Sears 7 or Jose Padilla.  But despite warnings given them over Carlos Bledsoe/Abdulhakim Muhammed, the FBI, who had him under surveillance originally, failed to properly recognize a threat, and were very easily fooled by an amateur, who after working for his father's sight seeing company for a while to allay suspicions, then went on to murder two soldiers at a Recruiting Center in Little Rock.  The Unabomer went 17 years without FBI apprehension despite its most intense investigation in recent history short of 911 and Oklahoma City.  To help them, one of our members took six months out to secure his identity and came up with Kaczynski's brother's email address in under that amount of time.  In response to our efforts such as these and others to keep the FBI abreast of the situation in what has led over the years to two dozens of apprehensions we literally handed the FBI, FBI accused us of wasting its time during one abusive contact last year, a gross and blatant lie by a devious agent.  Talk about shameless lack of gratitude by a bunch of amateurish g-Men who've captured no one on their own and to whom we'd handed quite a number of slam dunk reports.  Shame on the FBI! 

ACSA and our membership will never forgive the FBI for the invasion here and have been lobbying to get it dismantled and revamped, so as to eliminate the remarkably amateurish behavior and misconduct from its midst.  It needs a remake, badly. We are also pursuing a suit before the US Government to see if we can get that to happen and to cure other obvious ailments that afflict the US Government with the results being mediocre intelligence gathering and improper follow up.  Many of our membership are ex-Government computer people and have 20 or more years experience gathering intelligence in the Military or Sigint Agencies of the US Government, and have field experience even longer.  And if there is one common opinion among all intelligence and law enforcement arenas we have observed, it's that when it comes to intelligence investigation and preempting things like Terror, Espionage and related crimes, THE FBI IS PRESENTLY PATHETIC AT IT.  Its methods are a sham, transparent and like "bulls in a china shop". It is a wonder that the US Government let's them get involved at all.  The place just reeks of individuals seeking career development.  We do hope their attitudes change and that the FBI adopts a "new age of humility" for having blown it on 9/11 and the first WTC bombing and respective of Oklahoma City and respective of Mumbai and other such tragedies, in the first place. These were efforts by amateurs that the FBI could have prevented, in our opinion, had it not had such a 'no head shall be higher than our own' attitude.  All such terrorism can be prevented. When it's not, it's usually caused by screw ups, oft times at the highest levels.

    Mostly, FBI seems to needs other agencies and the public to augment it, and it's activities have always been undertaken with other agencies, law enforcement groups and the public cooperating.   The ACSA has made many contributions to such things as finding the connections through which the Beltway Sniper hooked up with computer resources that led to his identity being revealed, and many, many other things, by prompt reporting of public information to the right authorities. The behavior of the FBI was criminal and consisted largely of lies and nonsense, which is why they are being sued.  The FBI bites the hand of friendship, so we strongly recommend if you have tips about a suspected, give them to your Local Police or State Department of Homeland Security, as if you try and call the FBI, your hand will likely get bitten.  It is time for a change, time for the Justice Department to replace the FBI with something that does the job well and respects the public.  The FBI does NEITHER, and needs to chill its arrogant attitude and ways for good.  Then, it may just reflect some of the hard work its agents do engage in, resulting in a way more effective Bureau.

###  ACSA - June, 2009 ADVANCES MAGAZINE Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Subject to perpetual revision.

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(If you have any information as to their
whereabouts contact the FBI Immediately)


  Adnan El Shukrijumah


Second photo of El Shukrijumah

Al Qaeda and other Pakistani related Terror Groups have allegedly planted Sleeper Cells in the USA near major cities buried inside of certain communities.  You may not be able to see them, but they are there.  The alleged objective of Terror Groups planted in this country are to take actions which support the replacement of President Bush and his aggressive War on Terrorism, with a more moderate leader who might not take steps as aggressively nor as wisely to interdict terror activities abroad and at home.   They act on orders that may also seek to effect international markets for oil, commodities and other profit motives.

Osamma Bin Laden


This is a photograph of USAMA BIN LADEN
VISIT: Rewards for Justice

Rumors have reached our ears that Al Qaeda is and has been organizing a Dirty Bomb or similar attack on the US and that Iran is planning Biochemical Weapons attacks.  We believe these veiled threats may be intended to disguise a violent attack similar to 9/11 against the USA, using methods not so easily detected.  The arrest of Jose Padilla and his prosecution suggests that a Dirty Bomb may be the method of attack, but there are so many loose threads of information and allegations being raised throughout the intelligence, counter terror and public sectors, that it is at this time difficult to tell.

DHS and the FBI have created a website, , that everyone should stay up on so in the event there is an attack, we can recover and respond to it appropriately.  Recently updated to include Business advise for small to medium sized businesses, the infrastructure of our country can be maintained safely by following steps therein and maintaining contact with our sources of information.

If you do notice scouting or video activity against infrastructure targets, please advise your local police department and they will tell you where to send your reports.


If you recall, after 9/11, an Anthrax attack took place, a BIO attack: starting on the US Press, expanding to Microsoft, and then to Government Targets. In July of 2003, the United States Navy and the DHS cancelled a joint effort between Al Qaeda (Ali Musawir) and an ex-Soviet Anthrax Scientist who were brewing a severe Anthrax assault on a US Target.  Navy Seals removed the cell, destroying all the military Anthrax at the terror camp, which was outside of Guadaljahara, Mexico.  Shortly thereafter, FBI tracked down two members of the sleeper cell who were dealing Heroin in Los Angeles so as to continue the activity, who had been planning to deliver the Anthrax to, among other targets found on video tape, the Rose Parade, Rose Bowl and New Years Eve celebrations just passed.

The DHS foiled recent Air Liner attacks on Christmas Eve 2003 and New Years 2004 by using proper surveillance and canceling flights.  However, we believe Musharraf and Al Qaeda have a plan to ALSO follow up the attempted Jetliner Flight with a massive Biological Weapons attack on Continental USA in an as of yet undetermined manner, to reflect the original Anthrax attack, only on an unparalleled scale - believing the USA has inadequate security to defend against it.  Among targets would be companies and individuals our information technology infrastructure, the Broadcast Industry and Hollywood, Banks, Military Bases, our federal and state leadership and the general public. 

Furthermore, organized attacks combining BIO/CHEM with Airliner on regions like FedEx's Memphis Hub, or UPS's Louisville Center, along with incursions through our Ports, could be planned coordinated attack.   While we accept the DHS's decision to de-elevate the Threat Level, we believe the Cargo and Mail Carriers should be placed on RED ALERT at this time, that Jetliners used for same should immediately be provided armed Air Marshals and bolted Cabin Doors, as we had requested repeatedly, and that certain areas be given enhanced detectors to protect against individual Anthrax or Clostridium Botulinum attacks.  ACSA has been able to find out information that Al Qaeda may be falling to a BACK UP PLAN involving dissemination of Botulinum Toxin in large quantities through a Cargo Plane hijacking.  We are going to continue disclosure of our concerns and intel, as we believe, like all members of the public, we have a serious obligation to report to the Public and Government that which we suspect could harm our country.  We believe it possible that Al Qaeda is playing our fears so as to cause us to thoroughly relax our guard at some point between now and March 2003.

Saddam Hussein captured in December!   NUCLEAR PLANTS ON ALERT: NY (Indian Point), WASHINGTON (Capital), LA (Hollywood, LAX), Nuclear Plants in OHIO, PA, MD, NJ (Oyster Creek), W.VA., VA., D.C., CA., MASS., & CANADA: Report anything suspicious to the FBI, DHS and/or LOCAL POLICE (911).  Al Qaeda has taken responsibility for the Power Blackout that hit the Eastern Seaboard earlier this year and appears to be executing either a DIRTY BOMB or BIOLOGICAL ATTACK AT THIS TIME, ON CONTINENTAL USA, while building a crescendo of international attacks as a distraction.   During the blackout, our the Authorities were blinded to some degree.  This disruption could have been used by Al-Qaeda to hide within US Cell logistics/materials movement.
September-December: Numerous attacks in Iraq instigated by Parvez Musharraf and Osamma Bin Laden, using Syrian and other personnel. Meanwhile, organization for a massive assault on USA implemented.  Aug 19:
We believe an Airline attack on one or more Nuclear Reactors in the US is planned and/or underway. Aug 25:  The Mounting toll - 20 Killed / 100 Wounded including babies in Israel, 40 Killed / 200 Wounded in the UN Bombing in Iraq, 45 Killed 400 Wounded in the Dual Bomb Blasts in Delhi, 15 Killed in separate attacks in Afghanistan, 61 Soldiers killed in Iraq since May 1, the Carnage mounts, the directing source still appears to be Pakistani Terror Havens. The Sniper in West Virginia has killed 3, the Police Sketch markedly resembles Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, one of the FBI's Terrorist-List Members (see pictures...) Stay Tuned..

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