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    Our Mission:  to Educate and make Publicly Aware... the goal:  to improve the quality of life...





    ACSA Research, Benefits & Projects

    Stay current with our up-to-date research --
    just a few samples of the more than 2000+ projects:

    • Geodesic Space Environmental Designs for Students and the Public. Education through experience.

    • Advanced Research Centers on the Web and on membership premises, sponsored for breakthroughs in science and technology.

    • Public Advocacy and Consumer Concern response system for the good of everyone.

    • Technology-directed activities that have a pro bono angle. Supercomputing, Microminiaturization, Advanced Semiconductors, High Speed Computing, Advanced Internet Technologies, Space Computation, Molecular, DNA and Biological Computing, BioMetric and Neurolinking Computation, Artificial and Natural Intelligence.

    • MBNA Affinity Credit Card programs for Computer Scientists and the Public.

    • AIG International Insurance of all kinds for ACSA members.

    • HGr3. Research in reclamation of contaminants from topsoil using computer controlled mobile systems. Ed Bogdan, Lead Investigator.

    • The Native American Projects: Catching the Bureau of Indian Affairs in its own lies, supporting the intervention in the poverty and human rights deprivation cycle on behalf of fellow citizens that happen to be of Native American origin, using science, technology and public education as a tool to intercept the ongoing vectors of deceit that have damaged the Native American Community for 500 years and longer.

    • Virtual Court. Visualization and implementation of the future all electronic courtroom.

    • All Electronic Library (Library Project Articulum). Advances in 3D imaging, remote access and virtual libraries.

    • Learning Disabilities and Autism. A project to examine the benefits of using computer technology for education for the learning disabled and educationally challenged.

    • Consumer Concerns ® - the complaints and research section which makes a difference - helping consumers obtain better quality products. Complaint investigations have ranged from as simple as a faulty design on a hard disk drive, to a major computer company allegedly involved in substantially and materially false TV Advertising and deceptive Selling practices. Virtually all projects have had a successful impact in improving a vendor's awareness of the problems with a particular strategy or product, and nearly every complainant has had their Consumer Concern resolved.

    • Toxicity ARD. (Auto-immune Retrogression Disorder) The use of electronic components - can it repress the immune system? Dr. Wilson Clemens, lead investigator.

    • Matran Logic. The study and practical application of the school of transfigural mathematics devised by the mathematics genius of Lere O. Shakunle, a Nigerian mathematician living in Berlin.

    • ACSA Academy. Development of an entirely new means for Computer Science Education - to be completed within five years and made available to grades K through 12th Grade and Universities throughout the world. Professor Rogers Maxwell, Project Supervisor.

    • ACSA Speaking Engagements. Places where children never get a chance to learn about life - can sometimes be within a college or high school. ACSA arranges for keynote speakers to address student bodies - for example, in 1995, the head of Capital Markets at Prudential Securities was sponsored to address the Rutgers Business School LIBOR.

    • Computers Can Educate. Inspired by experience working with youth interns with juvenile delinquency backgrounds, ACSA is developing plans and efforts to enhance the "detention center" and "juvenile hall" experience for future criminals of America, by giving them exposure to advanced PC Multimedia intended to show them the alternative to a criminal existence, through education. Assistant Chief John R. Kroboth, Law Enforcement Liaison.

    • ACSA Museum of Computer Science. Gathering computers, photos, historical fact and examination of historical fictions, the MCS is chartered to spend five years and then open its doors as a formal museum at the turn of the Millenium.

    • Massive Parallel Hypersystems - the Sentient Machine. Working with some of the worlds most renowned theorists on advance hypersystems, ACSA is hosting the development of the SM, and its semiotic, human enhancing components.

    • GENCOM - On-Line CompuServe. Offering a place to go and chat, a place where our researchers can engage in scientific conversations on-line, an EMAIL center, a Library of documentation and interesting topics and a location to contact the Public, CompuServe Information Systems has sponsored a forum for ACSA on its on-line service, replacing our former Internet Conference Web Site. Workgroups and Seminars will be regularly offered through CompuServe's substantial Conference Auditorium.

    • And, many, many other programs, designed to contribute to and lead to a greater quality of life for ALL LIFE on the Planet.

    About ACSA




    ACSA became a non-profit, charitable research and education organization under IRC 501(c)3 during 1993. Prior thereto, its membership consisted of three organizations: the American Computing Association (formed in 1970), the American Certified Computer Consultants Associations (formed in 1980); and the American Certified Computer Scientists Association (formed in 1990). As a result of becoming a non-profit charitable association, ACSA ceased charging fees for membership in 1994, and made the 58,000 plus computer science and 1800 plus technology company membership life members. Since that time, ACSA has operated without any substantial professional fund raising and has managed to organize research, educational programs, academic programs, public awareness and pro-bono activities without receiving a single dollar of grant or donor moneys. Virtually all ACSA activities are contributory and the officers, trustees and staff are voluntary. Supportive efforts are donated as services, equipment, material or facilities. These donations remain the property of the donor until their use and when expended, the donor receives an acknowledgment certificate for its efforts. This novel approach eliminates administrative errors and costs. Used or new Computer Equipment donated to ACSA is held in escrow and then transferred either to the Museum curator or to a needy educational organization ranging from Public to Private Schools. 

    ACSA does not release a budget report to the public, however it maintains appropriate records with the appropriate regulatory agencies.

    ACSA Award Programs




    ACSA issues an Award to several notable individuals and companies each year, usually in May of each year. The nomination committee receives anonymous nominations through the months of December and January and announces its reward in Press statements, and a letter and/or floppy disk containing the inscription of the award by mail to the recipient. Also, the CD Journal of American Computer Science publishes the award winners names and a pr?is about them.

    These include (past winners are listed, most award programs were discontinued in 2001 for reasons relating to funding after the 9/11 Tragedy, which throughout the Charitable field, diminished tremendously): 
         Best Operating System

    • Microsoft (1995) Windows 95 

    • Sun Microsystems (1994) 

    • Apple Computer (1993) 

    • Microsoft (1992) Windows 

    • Digital Equipment (1991) VMS 

    • (1996) Sun Microsystems for Sun Server Solaris

    • (1997) IBM Corporation NETFINITY

    • (1998) Microsoft for Windows 98

    • (1999) Red Hat Corporation for Linux

    • (2000) Microsoft Windows 2000, Linux 6.2, and MAC OS

    • (2001) Microsoft Windows 2000, ThizLinux

    • (2002) Microsoft Whistler (Windows X), ThizLinux

    Best New Computer System or CPU or Web Idea

    Lawrence Livermore (2002): EUV Lithography for below .13 micron
       Semiconductor Designs.
    American Computer(2002): Piranha Pentium 4 TINY PC
    American Computer(2002): TigerVision VRx TV Laptop
    Microsoft Corporation(2001): PASSPORT.NET
    INTEL Corporation(2001): Pentium 4 CPU, Xeon CPU
    CompAmerica (2000): CompAmerica IBOX Book-PC
    eBay Corporation (200): Online Auctions
    Micron Corporation (1999) Transporter Laptop
    American Computer (1998) Transfer Capacitor Design
    IBM Corporation (1997) NETFINITY
    American Computer (1996) : Valkyrie SuperServier
    American Computer (1995) : American Eagle and Panther 5 Year Warranty 
    Apple Computer (1994) Power Macintosh 
    Acer Corporation (1994) Power Pentium 
    Digital Equipment Corporation (1993) AlphaCPU 
    Intel Corporation (1993) PentiumCPU;

    Computer Scientist of the Year

    PROGRAM DISCONTINUED: there are too many good computer
    scientists in the industry, to name any one.  Instead, we now have a
    computer Hall of Fame, inductees will be announced and a ceremony
    held in NYC.  The ACSA Science Hall of Fame has been dedicated
    to the memory of the 3000+ who passed on 9/11/2001 in the WTC and
    Pentagon disaster.  For a complete listing of all who passed: click

    Paul Prentis (1999) The Sonic Wall Firewall

    David Callinane (1998) Router Software Designs

    Patrick Bass (1997) for Atari SW (Posthumous)

    Jack Shulman (1994) "Proteus massive hypersystem (1983) and ODIN Overlapping Windowed Display manager (1974)" as well as for the design of the Garment Design PC for a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (1978) later used as the design model for several Personal Computers, and lastly, for the knowledge oriented database manager "Philo" (1994). Unassuming individual whose ideas rocked the computer industry. 

    William Gates (1993) "Enhanced CPM and MITS Basic, resulting in today's MSDOS, Windows and related operating systems environments, office products and language systems." Quite an accomplishment! 

    Nicholas D'B. Katzenbach(1992) "Settled US v. IBM was chief IBM Counsel"-- Brought an end to an era of total conflict over Operating System Software and Aggressive Computer Marketing, resulting in greater freedom for Computer Scientists, and opportunities for new computer businesses as had never been seen before. Seen as one of the leading contributor to the computer industry of his time.  

    Year 2000 Special awards issued to T.J. Watson (IBM posth.), T.J. Watson, Jr. (IBM), Kenneth J. Olsen (Digital Equipment), Edson DeCastro (Data General), John W. Poduska (Prime Computer and Apollo), Dr. An Wang (Wang Labs), Steve Jobs (Apple), Steve Wozniak (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Scott McNeally (Sun Microsystems), Edmund Grath (Unisys), Hon. David Packard (Hewlett Packard), General David Sarnoff (RCA posth.), Paul Wilson (Varian), David Hayes (D.C. Hayes), Bob Metcalfe (Xerox), David Nelson (Apollo and Digital Equipment), Mike Greata (Apollo and Prime), Jack Shulman (Wang, Apollo, Data General and IBM) and Dr. Gurminder Singh (Cubit and Creative) for outstanding contributions that changed the history of the computer industry.

    Year 2001 New Millenium Nominees will be announced in 2001.

    1996 nominees - 

    Garry Kasparov, World Chess Champion for "Advanced Chess" (Redacted)

    Steven Jobs/Steve Wozniak - jointly for the Apple II and IIe 
    and CF Codd for Structured Query Language 
    and: Jeffrey Denenberg for the Phase Loop Lock Circuit 
    (a three way draw)

    For further information about the above and other activities of ACSA, please write to our offices.



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    a non-profit New Jersey Corporation and a non-profit charity under IRC 501(c)3 On all matters related to the foregoing paragraph.

    ACSA - The American Computer Scientists Association



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