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  • "I PROTEST AGAINST WILLIE NELSON!" a statement of moral outrage by Jefferson Smith >
     A year ago, Willie Nelson wrote a typical "anti-war" protest song against our involvement in Iraq.  This is not an easy conflict, because of the complexity of the Iraqi political-religious ecology.  There will be much blood shed.  But narcissistic liberal control substance users usually disguise fear and loathing of the difficult responsibility for intervening in a situation that could have mushroomed into Nuclear War against the US, by hiding behind allegations of "peace activist".  Most of the time, well intentioned Peace Activists don't know how to read the potential threat to the lives of every American from such as Saddam.  Willie Nelson and his fellow activist celebrities are among this "blind and ignorant of the repercussions" peace activists.  Read More...
  • TOP STORY!  ACSA maintains highest alert: RED! after learning of plans...  UPDATE.  ACSA has learned of plans by Al Qaeda to engage in a multi-level attack on continental USA.  Starting with Wall Street, Park Avenue and other financial centers, Al Qaeda intends to strike at the American Heartland, Industrial a shortly before the election.  Their political backers are engaged with funding sources for the Democratic Party Campaign, hoping to unseat President Bush thereby reducing the threat to Terorrism globally by a return to the arrogant fiction of the Clinton years.

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  • American Traitors Why is SENATOR JAY ROCKEFELLER so upset about forged Uranium orders that surfaced after British Intelligence discovered the "Uranium for Oil Deal" between Saddam and French U-235 sources
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  • The Cult of Intolerance A call for International Tolerance.  The spreading of racist propaganda by certain leaders promoting false interpretation of the peaceful religious testimonials of the Holy Prophet Muhammad have devastated us here, much of Islam & the World.  It has resulted in a War against Terrorism with everyone caught in the middle. Certain nations (Pakistan, in particular) are being both "arsonist" & "fireman" in that war... we hope they stop... 
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  • ACSA CIBEC Computer Industry Business Ethics Certification.  Does your computer supplier rate up?
                                                                                                                                                               More Info...

  • Techno Slaves Techno-Slavery - suppression of technology personnel and the theft of their innovations - may be the way one company virtually controls an entire industry.  The strategy can pre-define an entire industry's operating parameters, blocking key technological contributors from contributing in ways that may not directly benefit the monopoly, channeling them as to where, when, and to whom shall the profits of that person's labors go.  Has one company in America, IBM, found a way to defeat Anti-Trust, controlling an entire industry, maybe many industries?
                                                                                                                                                               More Info...

  • THE ACSA ANTI TRUST COALITION Join in our ongoing study of IBM's alleged anti-Trust violating, anti-Competition misconduct. A continuation of more than 10 years of study of IBM's ways and means...
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  • NASA: the center of US Space Science & Technology - did someone sabotage the Space Shuttle Program?  Recently, a National Transportation and Safety Board of Inquiry reported that the Space Shuttle Columbia was tragically destroyed by falling insulation foam that struck it's wings during launch, allegedly opening a hole through which super hot gasses on reentry then caused disintegration of the orbiter, costing the lives of Seven astronauts. WE DISAGREE.  That explanation is in ACSA's opinion appears to us as just a lot of HOT AIR.  We've consulted with Physicists, Boeing Engineers, and others.  We conclude that the Shuttle was sabotaged by a small group of plotters during its special maintenance prior to 9/11/01. At least one individual working at a contractor had access to fuel control that if mis-programmed, would detonate the Orbiter after it's completion of braking maneuvers.  We believe it was literally PROGRAMMED to burn up upon completion of it's braking maneuvers on reentry. By that time, the highly political nature of it's crew (from India and Israel and America) was already known.  There is evidence that that individual, who programmed the Shuttle Columbia's Reentry, was also involved in programming the launch of the ill-fated Shuttle Challenger when it crashed in the 80's.  Just a coincidence?  We believe NOT.  What is NASA Hiding? Deliberate sabotage by an international intel organization, leveraging weak industrial security!  The potential goals involve Chinese and Russian Space Strategies, the Indian / Pakistan conflict, the Israeli / Palestinian conflict and even an American business trying to displace BOEING in the US Space Alliance. A Tragedy and a Cover-Up... 
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  • Murderers of Women and Children Global slave trading in children and women is still prospering in Eurasia, North America, Pan/Latin America, the Far East and Russia.  Tours for sex continue to go unchecked.
                                                                                                                                                               More Info...

  • When a Senator Sells His Political Soul and Dignity  Senator John McCaine from Arizona has reportedly sold his office to Kennecott Petroleum and Peabody Western Coal: he took up their cause to displace Native Dineh / Navaho ("the People") illegally from Arizona's Black Mesa, so Peabody could farm the coal belonging to the Dineh the Navaho did not wish to sell them. The results? Thousands of Dineh elders dead from "Aboriginal Displacement Syndrome", a Diaspora of displacement among the Native families, whose only concern is that the strip mining of "Mother Earth" stop.  Dirty Coal use is being challenged by the very states McCain fattened his campaign funding from.  Has McCain become the poster boy of Native Rights Violations, as one of the key violators of Native Indian Human Rights..? Shouldn't this man be held criminally accountable for his wrongdoings against the citizens of Arizona and Nevada and California?
                                                                                                                                                               More Info...

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We live in a world where progress can lead to unrest. It takes resources to fuel progress. Wherever a resource is in demand, someone wants to make a buck on it.  Science could change that, as cheaper, sustainable-energy sources are discovered. But politics often holds change back. ACSA is dedicated to a course of action we believe will eventually lead to the highest standards of living for everyone, universal access to all good things that life on Earth has to offer, aimed at also staving off extinction, repairing the world around us & protecting health...

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