AN ACSA SPECIAL REPORT - Pakistan's commanding role in international terror.
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QUESTION:    WHO ARRANGED THE TERRORIST MILITARY ATTACK ON THE UNITED STATES ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001?? Also: Attacks IN KASHMIR? AFGHANISTAN? IRAQ? ISRAEL? MANILA? the PHILIPPINES? TURKEY? (in 2002 and 2003?) and RUSSIA?  Who covertly organized all these terror groups? You thought it was Osamma Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein? Wrong, they simply WORK FOR the guy with the muscle and brains, surprisingly. Why is Mohamar Khadaffi of Libya suddenly "giving up" on his nuclear plans - a defensive gesture because he has been made aware of impending Dirty Bomb attack on the USA?  A classic military trick is to either swear off a weapons program as one is about to be used or to stage a fanciful assassination attempt upon oneself as Pakistan's leader did this week...

QUESTION:  Who is planning the retaliatory attacks over Afghanistan and Iraq, using dirty or chem /bio weapons on continental US at this very time, who literally controls the terror groups behind it?


(Pakistan's Amorally Ambiguous Dictator, depicted below)




Who? THIS seemingly "businessman like" General and President just happens to be one of the world's most dangerous Dictators, Oppressors of Human Rights, and experts on using terror groups as a Military Strategy...  Working from a formula concocted by him under the leadership of what his predecessor, Madame Bhutto, defined as "the strategic use of a myriad of terror groups recruited from poverty centers inside Islam, to give Pakistan a key strategic advantage over all the infidel and dissenting Islamic nations of the world..." Musharraf rose to power in a bloodless coup, from a seemingly unremitting career in the Pakistani Military.  British Trained, Nazified, studied in the ways of the Nazi German Gestapo, Musharraf has overseen Pakistan during a period where it both claims to be the US's dear ally while all at once positioning Pakistan as the "Arsonist" (instigating Terrorism attacks on the US, Russia, England, Israel and around the world) and then as the "Fireman" (rushing to appear to help the victims of it's covert campaign of terorrism against them) the horrifying ambiguity of Pakistan that's been evolving for more a decade.  Musharraf is literally "the Man in the Middle" and has built an enormous power base and favor bank.  The methodology reflects the brutality of the Narcoticsw world, in which heroin is King H and cocaine is Queen C, with Pakistan controlling the entire Eastern Hemisphere, having also gotten a major control over Cali and Medillin Cartels in Columbia with the fall of the Ochoa family.

Musharraf controls the entire Heroin and Opium Narco Terrorism world, and through it's conduits: controls the reigns over 100's of Terror Groups he calls his "secret army".  His war chest, fueled by money from Narco Terror, has driven the objectives of a joint relationship with Saudi and US / French / German / Russian crime bosses and business interests staging a narco terror war against US government interests, a holy Oil Distribution Jihad against the US, and a global war of fear intended to drive away coalitions of political governments who might band together to drive him and his vast network of slave labor, military, narcotics distributions, munitions dealerships and terror groups out of business.  The US War on Terror has taken on the most dangerous mass murderer and oppressor of human rights since the rise of Adolph Hitler.  His people, oppressed quietly behind a military some 6 million in number, his country, carved out of India by the UN, his extended militant Islamic fundamentalist networks in every country of the world, his direct relationship of trust with every single narcotics trading organized crime element the world over, gives him considerable immunity and impunity, all carefully hidden by a false sense of trust evoked by his false portrayal that he is an ally of America.  He is far from that.

We are about to be hit by a Christmas Jihad, and a New Years Massacre, if he has his way, combining multiple targets using bombs on jets, suicide bombings and large scale bio or chemical weapons attacks.  This is his retaliation for our having destroyed his Taliban, having taken Saddam Hussein and his trash out of Iraq and for the fear that oppression is dead in the world, that narcotics are dying as a criminal trade, as a result of the US War on Terror.  This is the barbaric global annihilation of humanity that could result from instigation of backlash by the United States by this barbaric ANIMAL known as Parvez Musharraf.

He's been at times backed by a distasteful element of the United States ROCKEFELLER Family and has created a unique relationship with the Chinese, both of whom have allied with Musharraf through ties to Heroin, Cocaine, Organized Crime, illegal munitions, unlawful sale of Uranium, and big oil deals over Iraqi oil, led by David Rockefeller (who fakes the philanthropists role) and Democratic  Party leader Senator Jay Rockefeller (the man who pulls the strings behind former President William Clinton, who sat by idly while Al Qaeda under Musharraf's control marshaled the attack against the USA for Millennium Eve 2000, delayed by logistics until six months after Bush took office... during which time Democrat Clinton bought buildings in Harlem funded by Saudi and Standard Oil money laundered to him as bribes during his administration over China Satellite, Lockheed contracts, and other Rockefeller business pork barreling).

Musharraf's principal goal is to convince his Iranian, Iraqi, and North Korean subordinate Terror Cabal nations to get a Nuclear Development Program up and running.  He sells them the ideas, designs and even brokers equipment and arranges for French sellers to broker Yellow Cake Uranium. But, as anyone will tell you, building a Nuclear Weapon capable of delivery is a many billion dollar investment that takes years to perfect.  So, once his subordinates get their program up and running, he agrees to supply them with a Nuclear weapon that can easily be explained away as their own.  He has already sold one to North Korea, whose nuclear development program is the brainchild of Pakistan's "Nuclear Bomb Czar" Mohammed Abudl Qadeer Khan (read story but understand - Musharraf's "good guy, bad guy" claims he retired Khan or that Khan helped North Korea independently are nothing but Musharraf being evasive as to his directions to Khan to help North Korea).  His one condition of sale is that on demand, they will use one of the A-Bombs they purchase for a terror attack on a nation of his choice.  North Korea is not as inclined to do so, as any attack they engage in will inevitably harm China.  But Saddam Hussein was another story, agreeing to give away 40% of Iraq's Oil Reserves to France's Cogema and Rockefeller interests and Russian and German munitions interests, in exchange for enough Yellow Cake U235 Uranium that he would easily have qualified to buy several of Pakistan's prefab Nuclear Weapons.  That would have led, of certainty, to a Nuclear attack on NYC and Washington, LA and Chicago, by Saddam, who would have found a way to walk these bombs into our midst.  Bush had no choice, since for Saddam to pay Musharraf, and provide Oil to France, Germany and Russia would have gotten him his Uranium, AND three Nuclear Weapons courtesy of Pakistan.

And within six months, three cities inside of the USA would have been hit with nuclear weapons, untracable back to Parvez Musharraf, who would have very effectively hit us a second time, this time with a perfect patsy doing the button pushing - the Devil from Baghdad, Saddam Hussain, for him, instead of the Devil from Afghanistan, Usamma bin Laden as on 9/11.  So President Bush had no choice but invade Iraq, or face the consequences of not only Saddam nuking us through "walking a-Bomb terror" but a Kim Il Jong, encouraged, sending in his bombs at LA and at Alaska to destroy the United State's oil pipeline there.

This would have preceded more generalized terror attacks on our citizens, and who knows what might have been the outcome.  This "BLITZ" is and was Parvez Musharraf's plan all along.

Musharraf has successfully pushed anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Hindu terrorism up behind oil politics involving Central Asia, Heroin Trading and Munitions, turning it into his own personal conquest of the world, while hiding his behavior by staging periodic false attacks upon himself to make it look like his own creation: Al Qaeda, is somehow out to get him.  Logistics are provided him directly by Standard Oil's French contingent, who use a global cabal to facilitate Musharraf's "good boy image" and "bad boy behavior", shielding public exposure behind CNN/NBC/ABC Publicity Control machinery, and political domination of the United State's Democratic Party Machinery spanning Labor, Hollywood and the Press.

Leveraging a potential for inner conflict: one of loyalty to Islam versus loyalty to one's fellow man, Musharraf seems to have captured an inner insecurity that mandates a need among downtrodden Muslims to appear powerful, fierce and overwhelming, emotions and conflicts that run rampant in certain Muslim regions where poverty, and lack of proper education, accompanies legacy racism, his breeding ground for recruiting terrorist armies.  

By capitalizing on these psychological needs and upon the ability of his covertly racist leadership to stir up hatreds towards all non-Muslim (and even many Muslim) peoples- in slightly over a decade, Musharraf has polarized global terrorism and religious extremism into an aggressive invasive force of political brinkmanship on a scale unseen in human history, creating a Terrorism-based "global takeover" program that has never seen it's like before.

It took him 10 years to establish "the Base" (Al Qaeda) and other organizational structures as he descended over the Heroin Refining business while still a high ranking General behind the former leadership of Pakistan.  His bloodless coup represented his ability to get full control of the Military, the Taliban, the Terror Training Cells, and the Pakistani Narco-Terrorists, leaving everyone in his country with no option but to quietly accept him, while China loved his ability to keep India busy, and Chechens loved his training, weapons and heroin money, and Saddam loved his assistance in arranging French sales of weapons and eventually, Uranium, and so on.  By 2001, Musharraf had successfully isolated himself from the very terror groups who work for him, sufficiently to con the less enlightened United States officials and politicians into believing he was an ally of the very country he most wants to defeat, a feather in his war cap.



The many faces of Musharraf - a neo-nazi like agenda - the white knight of Pakistan, a strong prejudice against Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, non-militant Muslims, Bhuddists, Christians, and all non-islamic faiths, has been leveraged by this individual to create a single, unified, yet operating in parallel Cabal of Terror, in a world where individual rights and public opinion Courts of denial refuse to accept the presence of true, nightmarish danger from this Adolph Hitler wannabee...  to him, political terrortories are meant to be infiltrated by NarcoTerrorists and Fundamentalist Terrorists for economic plunder and manipulation / exploitation.  Alliances are meant to be used, not adhered to, and only one ego shall rule the world - the covert and secretive person behind the Terrorism, false Alliance, who has fueled continuing disputes with India and in Turkey, between Chechen and Russian, between terrorists and the rest of the world, between Palestinian and Israeli, between one sect of Islam and the next, until every one is busy either fighting with each other, using his munitions, or hiding behind a cloud of drug use also supplied by him, or being conquested by crusading military aggression, which he readily supplies!

Are we looking at one of the faces of the true Devil, is Parvez Musharraf a true Lucifer among Men?


 What's behind his attack on us?

 A FOURTH REICH funded by 
HEROIN Narco Terror and Munitions cells has  been organized by
who are Bin Laden, The Taliban, Hussein, Arafat, Syria, Iran & the other Terror Groups
 working for?



PAKISTAN'S PRESIDENT MUSHARRAF, HIS ISI and it's COVERT HEROIN NARCO-TERROR CARTEL with it's global alliances with the Chinese and the International Element of the Rockefeller Trust.  
  QUESTION:  What are the issues?  


  a) Oil.  His support from religious extremists and oil ministers in OPEC (Saudi) rests on his ability to prevent competing oil from being marketed in his region.  Recently, Russian Oil in the Ural Mountains threatened to run a pipeline to India, cornering nearly 1/5th of the entire output market of Opec.  The pipeline has to run across Pakistan.  GOOD LUCK RUSSIAN AND AMERICAN OIL INTERESTS!   By keeping the Russians busy with the Chechen separatists in his army, and by attacking America on 9/11 AND India in the Kashmir, he was able to create a political fireline that blockaded any such oil line for many decades to come.  Similar undermining Venezuela, Nigeria and so forth, by Musharraf controlled terror groups is manifesting anywhere a competitor to Opec / Saudi Oil is making advances.  But certain American oil interests, in bed with the Saudis and OPEC since John D. Rockefeller invented Oil and Gasoline, are inevitably spared the consequences.  
      b.) Narcotics.  With poppies from China, Afghanistan and Myanmar, PAKISTANI Heroin Refineries and Heroin Traders smuggle Heroin and Opium throughout the world.  Where their Trafficking networks operate, loose moneys fund terrorist recruitment, which Musharraf found to be both an excellent "ENFORCER" network in policing less than cooperative dealers and local resistance from police and the judiciaries, and for building up his Terror Presence in targeted nations.  To Musharraf, Narcotics are just another form of Chemical Weapon used to defeat one's enemy's "from within".  Recent inroads among his partners in international narcotics trading, the Medillin and Cali Cartel from Columbia has been infiltrated by Pakistani control, due to the many arrests of Columbian cocaine smugglers, and using Egyptian terror cells, most cocaine now shipped across US and South American borders is overseen by middle eastern organized crime and terror cells under Musharraf's control.  
      c.) Munitions.  Pakistan has become the small arms and explosives capital of the world.  More armaments are traded by Pakistani munitions brokers than in all other countries of the world COMBINED.  Most of the arms are sold to third world influences and Terror Groups, creating new loyalties through commercial weapons channels as they evolve.  
       d.) Religious Extremism.  Contrary to popular belief, Musharraf and the Pakistani Military BREED TERRORISM and RUN IT, they are neither at it's mercy as they claim, nor unable to do what might anger Terrorists.   For they are the BOSSES of TERROR in Pakistan and most countries of the world.  Pakistan has created hundreds of heavily armed Terror Training Schools, disguised as religious schools, that produce most of the schools terrorists.  Afghanistan, a popular "proving ground" was used by the Pakistani's during the 90's after the CIA's back was turned, to breed terrorists who were battle veterans and adept at running and hiding, melting away, as it were, as a mode of existence, using religious fundamentalist fakery as a means to disguise military communications and structure, dogmatically.  
  • Osamma Bin Laden - head of the Afghani / Pakistan based Al Qaeda

  • Yassir Arafat - Head of the PLO and the Palestinian Intafada

  • Muhammad Yassin - Head of the Hamas

  • Saddam Hussein - former head of the Terroristic Regime in Baghdad

  • Abu Nidal - ANO - Now Deceased

  • Shaykh Mubarik Ali Gilani, - JAF - USA

  • Fazlir Rehman Kalil - HUM - Kashmir

  • Maulana Masood Azhar - JEM - Kashmir

  • Abdul Wahid Kashmiri - LT - Kasmir

  • Muhammad Abbas - PLF - Palestine

  • Ahmad Jabril - PFLP/GC - Syria

  • David Dukes and Associates - the KKK - USA (suprised? just wait, it get's worse...)

  • Don Black - ANP(American Nazi Party, White Pride Worldwide) - USA (and worse...)

  • Louis Farrakhan - Nation of Islam (Elijah Mohammad) (and worse...)

  • Unknown - leader of the Khalistani Sikh Terror movement, used by Musharraf to harass Indians and Sikh's throughout the Punjab in the 80's/90's thereby creating division between the Sikhs and Hindus, a classic Musharraf "divide and conquer" strategy.



  • Pakistan's ISI - 275,000 Intelligence Operatives

  • Pakistan's Regular Army and Air Force and Navy: 6,000,000 Personnel

  • Pakistani National Guard Reserves (retired and business personnel): 5,000,000

  • Late ABU NIDAL related: Fatah Revolutionary Council, Arab Revolutionary Brigades, Black September,

  • and Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Muslims - 6,000 Personnel

  • Al Qaeda - Central Asian Section - 5,000 Personnel

  • Al Qaeda - Kashmiri Branch - 2,500 Personnel

  • Palestinian Liberation Organization - Palestinian West Bank/Gaza Strip - 10,000 militants.

  • Chechen Rebel Armies (Al Qaeda Related) - 35,000 Personnel

  • Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine - 2500 Personnel

  • Al Qaeda - Philippine Branch - 200 Personnel

  • Abu Sayyaf Group - Philippines- 2,000 Personnel

  • Armed Islamic Group (GIA) - Algeria - 3500 Personnel

  • Aum Supreme Truth (Aum) a.k.a. Aum Shinrikyo, Aleph, Japan - 2000 Personnel

  • Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya  (Islamic Group, IG) - Egypt - 6000 Personnel

  • Al Ummah - Indian Muslim Radical Group - unknown in number

  • HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement) - Iranian origins - Lebanon and Palestinian Territories - 10,000 Personnel

  • Fazlir Rehman Kalil's Harakat ul-Mujahidin (HUM) - Pakistan and Kashmir/India - 3000 Personnel

  • Force 17 - PLO related terror group in Europe, Syria, Lebanon, Europe - 200 Personnel

  • Maulana Masood Azhar's Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM) (Army of Mohammed) - Pakistan and Kashmir - 3000 Personnel

  • HIZBOLLAH (Party of Allah) - Islamic Jihad - Palestinian Territories and Lebanon - 3100 Personnel

  • Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) - Uzbekistan - 2000 Personnel

  • Al-Jihad  a.k.a. Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Jihad Group, Islamic Jihad (PART OF AL QAEDA) - Egypt - 500-1000 Personnel

  • Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade - Syria, Israel, Egypt, elsewhere - 10,000 personnel

  • Jamaat Al Fuquara (JAF) - USA - North America - PAkistan, 20,000 personnel, including a large contingent of Pakistani ISI personnel.

  • The Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) - Israel / Palestinian Territories - Unknown Personnel Compliment

  • Muhammad Abbas's Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) - Palestinian Territories - Unknown Personnel Compliment

  • Chukaku-ha / Kansai Revolutionary Army (Nucleus / Middle Core Faction) - Radical Japanese Terror Group - 3500 strong.

  • George Habash's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Syria, Lebanon, Israel - 800 Personnel

  • Ahmad Jabril's PFLP-General Command, Syria - 400 Personnel

  • Sunni Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LT) (Army of the Righteous) - Pakistan / Kashmir - 300 Personnel
    (Militant Wing of the Markaz-ud-Dawa-wal-Irshad (MDI)-- Pakistani Relgious Organization)

  • White Pride USA and associated Militias (WPWW) - about 10,000 Personnel

  • Nation of Islam (USA) Militant Wing - about 5,000 Personnel

  • Alex Boncayao Brigade - ABB -Philipines - 500 strong

  • Armed Islamic Group (AIG), the Movement for an Islamic State (MIS), the Army of the Prophet Muhammad, the United Company of Jihad, and the Armed Islamic Movement (AIM)- Algeria - unknown hundreds

  • The Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC) - Al Qaeda related - Algeria - several thousand personnel

  • Mujahideen e Khalq (MEQ) - Iraq - anti-Iranian, anti-West - 3000 Personnel

  • Lashkar I Jhangvi (LJ) - Expatriated to Afghanistan by Musharraf, 300 Personnel

  • Abdul Wahid Kashmiri's Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LT) (Army of the Righteous) - Kashmir - operating personnel from Pakistan supplied by Musharraf, several hundred at any time.

  • Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya (Islamic Group) - USA - led By Sheikh Abdul Rahman (in prison for involvement in the original WTC bombing) - 3000 personnel. Al Qaeda backed.

  • ‘Asbat al-Ansar—the League of the Followers, Lebanon based, Al Qaeda backed, Palestinian manned, 300+ personnel strong

  • Zviadists - Georgia and Chechnya - several thousand personnel


    Musharraf's Primary Military Inventory  
  • 100 Atomic Weapons, approximately 50 - 500 Kiloton Yield (200 by the year 2005)
  • 1 Hydrogen Weapon, approximately 1-2 Megaton Yield (20 by year 2005, 5-10 Megatons)  [Musharraf obtained most of his Nuclear Technology from US, German, French, Russian and Chinese Sources through illegal channels]
  • Backed by Ghaura III Rockets designed by North Korea and China
  • HUMAN WEAPONS: Suicide Bombers, Truck Bombers, Remote Control Bombs
  • Vast quantities of RPGs, AK47's, Machine Guns and other Automatic Armament
  • Vast quantities of Mines, Grenades, C4, and other explosives
  • A Modest Navy of a few dozen Destroyers and a Small Air Force of a thousand jets
  • 25,000 Tanks, 70,000 Armored Vehicles, 10,000 ID Rocket Launchers
  • Weapons generally available in the Munitions field of all kinds (small arms, etc.)
  • Biotoxins:  Anthrax, GB/Sarin, Small Pox, Botulinus, Ebola
    (some obtained from illegal US sources)  Click here for briefing on Biotoxin Weapons
  • RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST IMAMS around the world


The Connection between Terrorism and Drugs.  They are often the same please read:  Rand Beers and Francis X. Taylor on "NARCO-TERROR" (click above button)


Pakistani Mission >

PAKISTAN IS A NUCLEAR POWER.  We can not invade.  But we regularly use Diplomatic publicity to assert pressure.  Read here about some of those moves -- (click above button)


     Since 1990, Pakistan's economy has been buoyed up by the processing and distribution of Chinese and Afghan Poppies, in a vast network of covert Heroin refineries situated in Pakistan.  General Musharraf views himself as the inheritor of the Global Conquest plans of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi's, and he fears that the US will try and stop him, that he will be arrested and brought to the US to stand trial, since his overseeing bulk sale of illegal Heroin inside of the US is punishable by life in prison (much as Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, and Fabeo Ochoa, head of the Medillin Cartel, have been).

 PAKISTAN'S Heroin economy was killing our KIDS! Now it's advanced to killing everyone!  

Why would anyone attack us unprovoked? 

   General Musharraf, Pakistan's self-appointed President, has been illegally operating a vast, global multi-Billion Dollar a Month covert Heroin Operation since 1990. He fears recently extradited Columbian Cocaine-Heroin Cartel Bigwig FABIO OCHOA, his partner in the west, will turn STATE'S EVIDENCE and help the US ARREST AND CONVICT MUSHARRAF of violation of international laws against Narcotics Trading.  Ochoa's MEDILLIN CARTEL DISTRIBUTES Musharraf's HEROIN THROUGHOUT THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE.
    The WTC/Pentagon attack was, ordered by Musharraf, along with bogus calls for Jihad, by Bin Laden, the Taliban and the Terror Networks are all Musharraf's doing, a way of EXTORTING the United States in order to BLOCK his interdiction, preventing the US from retaliating against Pakistan.  Bin Laden, The Mujahideen, the Taliban and their Terrorists are General Musharraf's proxy warriors, they warehouse Pakistan Heroin in Afghanistan.
Read Article!


Pakistan's Covert Heroin Economy  (written 9/12/2001)


DON'T FORGET:       Terror Attacks can happen to anyone, to any People no  matter how peace loving or God fearing. They have come here to the shores of the US, we are experiencing terror attacks and economic warfare from the Al Qaeda criminals, a group that appears to pride it's ego on its ability to hurt defenseless Americans, and strike blows against freedom.  But, Al Qaeda is not acting alone. We must come to grips with that fact quickly.  The International Extortion is originating in a global coalition of evildoers that crosses international boundaries and strikes only at innocents.
Please read the paragraphs to the right. We must not ignore the role played by Pakistan and it's dictator, General Musharraf.  His military junta created the Taliban and operates it as a private battering ram for gaining political objectives.  As hard as it may be for us to accept: America must recognize Pakistan's role in the attacks, our ability to interdict in Musharraf Illegal Drug Trade threatens  General Musharraf's economic and political survival.
There are always TWO SIDES to the HATE! In Nazi Germany, Jews were used as scapegoats and their assets paid for crucial expansion in the Nazi war machinery! In Pakistan, the potential loss of Heroin/Opium Traffic represents to Musharraf the loss of his hold on his people! 

 "Pakistan's illegal heroin economy has kept its legitimate State economy sustained since 1990 and prevented its collapse.  It has also enabled it to maintain a high level of arms purchases from abroad and to finance its proxy war against India through the jehadi organisations." (click here for article by an Indian Cabinet minister) Note that while at war with Pakistan, India's representations about Pakistan's covert Heroin Refineries, and it's warehousing under the the Taliban's control in Afghanistan is remarkably accurate.  It is, however, the complication of India's dirty hands from war with Pakistan, and its own internal human rights problems (such as the widespread murder of millions of Sikhs of the Punjab, since 1947) that makes it so difficult for the world to accept the Indian viewpoint.  Yet, it is no less historically accurate as a result of this conflict.

Pakistan relies on it's illegal Heroin economy, and that runs contrary to United States Law regarding Narcotics. Eventually, Musharref might be subjected to possible "Noriega"-style or Cali-Cartel style interdiction. The very week before the attack, Fabio Ochoa, the last of the Calis, was extradited to Florida to stand trial...

Fabio Ochoa, Last Major Columbian Cocaine Cartel Lord, Is Successfully Extradited To Florida. Sept. 4, 2001

click image for DEA story

Ochoa cross trades his Columbian cocaine for Pakistani Heroin being produced by General Musharraf's covert Heroin Refineries throughout Pakistan. When Ochoa is extradited, Musharraf learns that he could become the target of a DEA probe into his distribution of Heroin, that Ochoa might reduce his sentence by providing testimony against Musharraf.  And so, Musharraf brutally orders the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. 

His aide-de-terror Bin Ladin jumps at the opportunity to further his own ends, with Sultan Omar and Dr. Zawahari eagerly by his side.  The Terror attack, which had been provisionally implemented as a contingency plan by Musharraf is unreeled and 5600 American's die in the two incidents and one Jetliner taken down by its hostage passengers in order to prevent it from being used to attack the Capital Rotunda.

Computer Sales & Service has called for a voluntary boycott of sales and purchase of any and all merchandise to or from Pakistan effective October 22, 2001 and that the Bush Administration enforce a boycott on the nation..

   the DEVIL from
   CAPTUED 12/2003...   

This man had his own country completely fooled! Not really! Just the family in his old home town, Tikrit, and some of the Sunny Muslims in his order/Mosque.  The rest realize he was starving and murdering them for a reason! He was fulminating suicide bombing violence among the Palestinians so as to cause Israeli Military reaction, that can then be used to stir up the apparently very gullible Iraqi people! His alliance with Musharraf and the Taliban / Bin Ladin, is purely raw  opportunism.  His use of Oil in Iraq to trade for Uranium, RPGs, and other weapons is more than just nonchalant. Our invasion of Iraq blotted out his plans to trade Iraqi Oil for French Uranium, really ticked Jacques Chirac off!  And our invasion further cost Germany and France their shares in oil Saddam stole from his people. 

Then, in hiding, Hussein was very dangerous, even in a wig and beard!  But he has been captured, and will stand trial by a joint tribunal if he's not assassinated first!   The man murdered millions, more Arabs than anyone in history!!

   How the UN could be so easily fooled by this two faced architect of deliberate international homicide, is beyond us.  But, like General Musharraf, who wishes to unite the Moslem Nations of Central Asia into a personal army of global conquest, overrunning India, Hussein wishes to do the same thing with HIS neighbors and his segment of the Middle East, leading to a two party party partnership with Musharraf to control the entire Moslem world, control narcotics, and go on to conquest the rest of the world!

The various Terror Organizations have suggested that America's boycott of Iraq caused "death, mayhem and disease" to small children and women throughout Iraq.  That is POPPYCOCK!  The fact is, Saddam and his elitest Military sponged ALL OF THE FOOD, MONEY and GOOD LIVING FOR THEMSELVES, spending the country's entire budget on MILITARY ENDS, while using the excuse of the boycott to STARVE THEIR OWN PEOPLE so as to come up with a reason to attack the UN Peacekeeping Boycott.  

The boycott was brought on by Iraq's development of Bio Weapons thanks to Dr. Germ (Dr. Riha Rashida Taha) it intended to use, by the way, on Saudi Arabia and other nations in the GUlf, in retribution for the Gulf War.  It also intended to overrun Syria, Egypt, Israel and Jordan, annexing them.  The United States simply stood in the way.  Part of the Terror Coalitions lies are to try to suggest "oh, so many children died!".  They have Saddam Hussein and his elitist, Nazi mentality to blame for that, by absorbing crucial resources that could have used for growing food and delivering water to the children of Iraq, he deliberately destroyed parts of his own society the same way he used Chemical Warfare on the Kurds.  

While we do not think Hussein supplied the actual Anthrax to Bin Ladin, we believe his bio weapons "Dr. Germ" (Riha Tahab) has been here in the USA on a fake passport advising a Bin Ladin business front in California, that has been reprocessing Anthrax Pakistan brought from a domestic microbiology lab with an outlet in Frankfurt, Germany, transported here by Al Qaeda terrorists. She may be helping Al Qaeda turn the domestic Strain "H" Anthrax into Strain "WA" (Weaponized Aerobic).  Tahab has a penchant for testing her bio warfare on human guinea pigs, particularly if she believes they have been approached by US Intelligence, and some of her preparations are most lethal, leading to mid term cancerous tumors and assured death. We believe the current round of Anthrax mail is just "viability tests" mailed under orders of Riya Tahab, who is trying to zero in on highly lethal forms.

This form of racism against one's own people for political ends is horifying.  Furthermore this allegation of "desecration of Mecca" is also Poppycock.  Islam is a religion of TOLERANCE, and those who practice it like some kind of "Infidel Genocide Machine" using it to charge "impersonation" and sentence people to death for practicing it differently, for instance, are what some people would call SATAN's MINIONS.  This to name just one of the offense committed by the Terror and Extremist Coalitions.



<Click image.
Find out more about Tolerance.

The Jews of Israel are just SCAPEGOATS of the POWER HUNGRY: General Musharraf, Saudi Prince Talal, Yassir Arafat & Saddam Hussein. The Jews of Israel: Exiles of the Holocaust. 
Easy prey.

 TAKE TIME: visit the Simon Weisenthal Museum of Tolerance. Nazi Holocaust murdered 9 million, including 6 million innocent Jews, a routine stripping of valuable properties and assets used by the Nazi's to propel their machinery of conquest. Today, the descendents of Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust live in Israel, escaped to its shores or moved there by the British in 1945-47.  Every day, they face the very Terrorists who delivered HATE to US shores on September 11.  Usammah Bin Laden, Dr. Zawaheri, their many Pakistani recruited and trained Mujahideen Terror Cells trained in Pakistan and their Pakistani backers have become Satan's ministers: monstrous evildoers committing continuous crimes against God's Laws / Islamic Law.   

Pakistan has the covert ability to direct the manufacture and distribution of bio-weapons within the US.  Between 1998 and 2000, agents of Al Qaeda, with introductions from Pakistani intelligence, obtained underground Anthrax from a small Microbiology Lab in Germany with US Headquarters. Pakistan continues to advise these agents on its refinement and use in terror attacks against US domestic targets.  Despite its denials, Pakistan has a key agenda here: it needs to fuel its war against India, Pakistan needs money to do so and support, so it trades in illegal Heroin and Opium made from Poppy plants bought on the black market in China (which represents APEC's reluctance to support America's military strikes on the Taliban: it's bad for the Chinese Black Market and might trigger Pakistani growth). General Musharraf is using Afghanistan as a warehouse and the Taliban, who his military carefully recruited and trained, as his "enforcers". The Bin Laden "Jihad" agenda and aspirations are motive for its soldiers to do his bidding, Pakistan could care less about the Jihad, except insofar it supports Pakistan's political agendas, it wants protection for it's Heroin Trade.  

    That $1 Billion which Musharraf complained his economy had lost during the first two weeks of USA's war in Afghanistan, are accounted mainly in damage to his Illegal Opium  & Heroin Trade. One might say: Musharraf created the situation that led to the attack on the Trade Center and Pentagon.  His goal: protect himself from the kind of US/DEA interdiction Manual Noriega faced in Panama.  General Musharraf likely ORDERED the TERROR ATTACK upon us, and the subsequent Bio Warfare.  Complex politics and global ignorance of the above, prevent the US from openly disclosing this fact. But everyone in America should be aware of this, we should all be on the same page.  Usammah Bin Laden is doing Musharraf's bidding, while insulating Musharraf from many repercussions, hiding behind an alleged "Holy War" between Al Qaeda and the US, sinister Pakistani political interests.

The current conflict in Israel, stems from Palestinian suicide bombing of a Discothèque, dozens of teenagers were murdered.  Israel  could not accept such murder of innocent teenagers, and assassinated the leader of the bombing, Ali Mustafa. This resulted in further Palestinian terrorism: Palestinian gunmen openly assassinated Israel's Minister of Tourism.  Double talk from pro-Arab press, including CNN, fails to address the truth of this situation.  For example: Arafat's people were originally exiled from JORDAN, not Israel.  The world press fail to identify the fact that the Palestinians have been the clear AGGRESSOR in this situation. Israel is DEFENDING it's borders and security.

  Borrowing from the Annals of history, General Musharraf and Usammah Bin Laden are intent upon doing to America, what Nazi Germany did to 88% of the Jewish population of Europe (visit this page for pictures of the Nazi death camps - CAUTION - Graphic Images), and tens of millions of more civilians crushed beneath the Nazi BLITZKRIEG (German for "Flash Wars") in Poland, France, England, Italy... the very BLITZ that General Parvez Musharraf publicly admires, along with it's authors, Nazi Generals Manstein and the infamous desert fox, Irwin Rommel, whose memorabilia Musharraf collects.  Here is an image from the Blitz (here) which will seem similar to the Trade Center disaster, for you to consider General Musharraf admiration for this type of attack... For more images (click here).  The Pentagon and Trade Center attacks are consistent with his military aspirations, they are clearly MUSHARRAF's STYLE.  Here are just a few interviews of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust courtesy of the University of Michigan. We at Computer Sales & Service believe that General Parvez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, along with his "Terror Generals" (Bin Laden, Zawahari, etc.) have developed a private agenda to do to America and Israel, what Hitler did to Europe...  Meanwhile, he is GOADING the US to try and trigger an Intelligence Fiat, he deems all Muslims "stupid" and is striving to cause a JIHAD reaction through propaganda and fraud throughout Islam.

The words "363211 Juden Executiert" in the report from Heinrich Himmler to Adolf Hitler in August to November of 1942
(here for a chilling report) detailing 4 months work in one Nazi death camp, is chilling. Yet it is with this degree of statistical monstrousness that the Taliban and Bin Laden count Americans. One can almost sense: "5632 Americans Killed in NYC and Washington" on a pad in Bin Laden's cave dwelling, faxed in a report secretly to Musharraf...
    And the La Cosa Nostra Narcotic Dealers who partner with Musharraf, are very likely ready and willing to assist his and Bin Laden's Terrorist Al Qaeda, Il Jihad and Taliban Mujahideen, who have hidden themselves in the US, to deliver more blows by secreting knives on board Jetliners for them, and by providing 'safe houses' to hide in, while mailing Anthrax, Botulinus and Plague in parcels to US homes and offices.

    It is quite likely that North Jersey and New York Mafia helped by planting knives and boxcutters for the Pakistani / Bin Ladin / Taliban attacks using Jetliners.  These persons who lent their assistance, American Mafia, need to be caught and placed on trial.  As accessory to the murder of 5600 persons, they need to face the Death Penalty.  We have it on good basis that the DeCavelacante Family led allegedly by suspects Anthony Rotundo and Jacki DiNorsica, who range from Paterson, NJ, and who are thought to be the fictionalized characters of the TV Show "Sopranos" were at the center of this horrific crime stemming from recent expansion of their distribution of Pakistani Heroin supplied them by the Medillin Cartel.  According to snitches inside of their family, who sell academic software in the NJ area, the DeCav's arranged for cleaning personnel to secrete some of the weapons on board planes rife for hijacking in Boston and Newark...

    Computer Sales & Service has called for a voluntary boycott of all business relationships of ANY KIND with the DeCavelacante Mafia Family of North Jersey, and that all persons, including Mafia, turn their backs on and SHUN all DeCavelacante Mafia operatives, those that are so-called "made" be considered no longer "made" and that the FBI detain all members of their family for immediate questioning and prosecution.  These persons are not easily prosecuted, but that does not mean that any of us have to frequent their business establishments or accept their money, their so-called family is an "infamnia", it is stained with thousands of innocent Americans' blood, as are their civilian wives, children, brothers and sisters: tainted by this evil they have perpetrated.  

    This includes all strip clubs in Linden, Union, Orange, Elizabeth, Newark and other cities in NJ that are overseen by them, a major source of income and a distribution network for narcotics.  This includes their Sanitation Union, Trucking, Narcotics, Gambling, Prostitution and Airport Operations.  Personnel employed by their businesses are recommended to quit their jobs at once and simply walk away, if they give you trouble, turn them in to the Authorities.  Persons involved in contracts with them are advised to dissolve those obligations as if they never existed.  Law Enforcement who have been looking past their operations are recommended that they support the memory of Officers who died in the Trade Center and start cracking down on all DeCavelacante operations.   City officials likewise.  It is recommended that no DeCavelacante chit or obligation be fulfilled, no agreement honored, no member treated like anything but the HUMAN GARBAGE that they are made of. 

    No citizen of the United States who knowingly aided and abetted the attacks on the Trade Centers deserves any treatment other than facing the Death Penalty at trial of a jury of 12 citizens made aware of the sheer evil these persons have participated in.  They will have their day in Court, but until that day, they should be shunned, ignored and boycotted.

    Meanwhile, as if this weren't enough, in its efforts to hide its involvement in this entire affair, the Mafia has directed Landmark Education, a company selling 'enlightenment' programs out of San Francisco, that is really a front for recruitment of Mob and Drug Dealing Entrepreneurs, to use a 'directed thinking' network it maintains to try to use psychic phenomena to alter the beliefs of people in an effort to keep them from catching on that the Mafia is behind Musharraf and Al Qaeda.  So Landmark, once known as "est", is out using its false front to hide involvement in trying to pull the wool over people's eyes, as to what is really going on here. and is also working with the Mob to undermine Computer Sales & Service, now that we have gone public to give the American People a glimpse of what's really going on here.

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    We have preempted our homepage in order to present the above Critical Information to our fellow Americans.  Please do not take lightly the above, it has been gathered and presented here at greatest personal risk of bodily harm and business damage. It is presented out of our commitment to the survival of our Country and of Freedom everywhere.  At this moment, we have identified that the above indicated parties can continue to engage in covert activities against the US that would violate international law, while simply chalking it up to the Taliban, who is involved, but is only PART of the problem. We all need to urge our Government to find a way to stop the Evildoers from continuing to murder our families and children. Those who back the Heroin Coalition, include the Chinese Triad Trade of Poppies to Pakistan, the manufacturers of Heroin and Opium that is intended for illegal sale, located inside of Pakistan, and the stockpiling in Afghanistan of finished goods for sale to Organized Crime Interests throughout the world.  We at CSS have had our lives threatened for our publication of this message.  This is no longer a question of whether or not Drugs should be considered recreational or criminal.  When Drug Traffickers and Organized Crime Organizations start organizing Religious Jihads, hiring Usammah Bin Laden's and Dr. Zawaheri, and building the Taliban, solely for the purposes of extorting our people on our own shores, to attempt to scare us into submission... so as to prevent further US Drug interdictions, acting under the disguise of engaging in said Jihads, they murder innocent women and children and those unable to defend themselves through proliferation of Anthrax and hijacked Jetliners, then it is time for all of us to act on the behalf of G-d, ourselves.  We must support and urge our Government to dismember the Drug Traffickers, their fake governments such as the Taliban, and bring the Organized Crime that sells the Narcotics here and abroad to Justice...

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