The old United States Civil Defense logo. The triangle emphasised the 3-step Civil Defense philosophy used before the foundation of FEMA and Comprehensive Emergency Management.
A US Constitutional Guarantee! The privilege to defend our nation.

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   Please use "Transportation Info" for
   up to the minute route information
   when attempting to evacuate during
   any National Emergency!
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To Provide for the Common Defense

The United States Constitution provides for the US Government to "provide for the Common Defense".  Under this proviso, a fundamental mandate exists to provide Civil Defense programs.

Please call 911 to Report an Actual Emergency requiring Police or Military Intervention!  (or contact the FBI >)
At Computer Companies United Against Terrorism, we are committed to insuring that the US Government is not alone in its efforts to provide for the common defense, that the People have a hand in providing it cooperation, collaboration and continuity.  Steps that insure thus include:

1.  Orderly, Safe Evacuation Routes and Transportation Control
2.  Stockpiling of Critical Supplies such as Food, Medicine and Clothing
3.  Coordinated Delivery Systems for Stockpiles in any National Emergency
4.  Safety Shelters and Emergency Healthcare Treatment Facilities
5.  Long Term Relocation and Recovery Coordination
6.  Emergency Response Coordination
7.  National Emergency Response Infrastructure Protection
8.  National Military Defense Response Infrastructure Protection
9.  Long Term Response, Governance and Recovery
If you are interested in becoming involved in our effort to coordinate national public resources to volunteer in collaboration with Government at the National, State, County, and Local levels, please call us at 908-272-0016.  Please note that this website is under construction, it is a PROTOTYPE, evaluating the concept of an INTERACTIVE, LOCALIZED response site, with mobile and First Responder interfaces and resource lookups.

Note: unauthorized duplication, mirroring, mimicking or misuse of this site and/or its contents is illegal. Terms of Use      UNDER CONSTRUCTION