The old United States Civil Defense logo. The triangle emphasised the 3-step Civil Defense philosophy used before the foundation of FEMA and Comprehensive Emergency Management.
A US Constitutional Guarantee! The privilege to defend our nation.

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Fall - Winter 2006/2007

Terrorism and Transportation Watch

If you're interested in keeping posted on the latest terrorism or transportation watch news...
Connect with Terrorist Warning, a pro bono Terror Watch List, or Transit Security Report, a subscription funded up to the minute news site...

Go to Terrorist Warning . Com !

Fall - Winter 2006

News Watch - Cub Wire

For the latest real time News Alerts, and Homeland Security Watch...
Watch the feeds and read the hundreds of emagazines from around the world sourced here...

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You will be relocated to the internet resource center nearest you... for Security reasons, you will then be put in contact with a placement coordinator who will help you find shelter and/or housing as required.  You will be required to provide photographic drivers license or passport information in order to be given access.   Please note this link is not active unless a NATIONAL EMERGENCY has been declared.

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