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Sir Isaac Newton
The Principia Mathematica
Optical Spectrum
of Light
Principals of
Theories of
Orbital Motion
of the Planets

One general
law of nature
and more...

The NEWTY™ Award

    The history of Sir Isaac Newton is very well known (click here).  His contributions to science, mathematics, optics and physics are many and varied. Without them it is not likely Humanity would have reached the Moon nor that the TV or even radio would have been invented.

    Our modern world owes much to Sir Isaac. He was an inventor, a scientist and a teacher.  After many years of too hard work and little rest and plenty of controversy: Newton's health failed and he suffered a nervous breakdown.  We all too often forget that those who make such significant contributions often are not paid much attention to or given much quarter by our society. In fact, in the modern world driven by corporate interests focused solely on profit, individual contributors are often entirely forgotten -even buried beneath the wheels of extreme greed and callous ignorance on the part of some of us.

   The ACSA started issuing its Sir Isaac Newton Award in the early 1990s to exceptional "Most Valuable New Technology" recipients: the very best of the best. In only one case did we subsequently revoke an award.  It is now the 21st Century and we're starting with a clean slate. It is with the utmost humility and pleasure that we Award them: we shall update this list from time to time with the names of each recipient!

Sir Isaac Newton Award Recipients -  for the years 2000-2010

JULY 2005. After much consideration, deliberation and six years and six months of research and  investigation, testing and soul searching, overseeing and even, in some instances, interfering, the ACSA without any further hesitation issues it's FIRST Sir Isaac Netwon award of the 21st Century on July 11, 2005 to:

      Mr. Justin Eric Sutton and the Interstate Traveler Company, LLC.

For more information about the winning inventions, ideas, mission and project(s) please visit our website at http://www.acsa.net/hshrt or visit the Recipient's website at http://www.interstatetraveler.us.

To review a copy of the 2005 Award Press Release, CLICK HERE >.


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