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Edward Englebart, Chair of ACSA, warns against Laptop Fires.

  In a brief meeting with the Press, Dr. Englebart cited the Dell vs. Shulman litigation dating back to November 2005, which was based upon allegations made publicly by Shulman in response to the alleged harassment of CompAmerica by Dell "stealth reseller" Premiere Networks and Dell.  During it Shulman was quoted in the press as citing IBM, APPLE, DELL and SONY as "potential fire hazards" from laptops that did not institute special heat sensing apparatuses and power management technology.

Dell sued over the allegations citing "commercial libel" for criticisms of its products by a competitor.  The suit allegedly went no where and was eventually dismissed by Dell.

Today, Dr. Englebart once again cited Dell, IBM, Apple and Sony for use of "power technology and battery management which might lead to fire hazards."  Once again, Dell, IBM and Apple contacted the ACSA and threatened litigation if ACSA continued to name them in these allegations.

It is of note that two of the threatening firms were previously cited by the Safety Counsel and had to recall Batteries, Dell and Apple.  Englebart added all four companies have strong financial relationships that connect each other at the board level, and that if they did not add battery bay heat sensors, trickle charge down power controllers and failure sensing autoshutoff AC adapters to their products, that fire safety hazards might endanger buyer welfare.

Lawyers from Dell contacted ACSA with threats of litigation in response to the public charges by Englebart.  ACSA counsel indicated that Dell also contacted co-chair Shulman's counsel and threatened him with further Federal Litigation if he did not order the ACSA to cease publicizing technical problems alleged of Dell's systems. 

The ACSA being a private charitable foundation, upon advice of counsel, hereby states that feels no obligation to silence itself at Dell's demand, since it derives no profit from nor is making any unfair, unreasonable nor inaccurate statements about Dell.  ACSA suggests that Dell should spend its time resolving its customer care responsibilities.