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     Membership in ACSA is a very special thing, a gift of sorts that you can give to yourself and others. 

     ACSA's Seven (7) Key Commitments:

  1. To work towards the common good of all of Humanity.

  2. To work to protect the freedoms, liberties, and privacy of everyone, everywhere.

  3. To insure that computer technology is not used for oppression in the name of greed.

  4. To find ways for computer technology to expressly improve the quality of life while protecting it.

  5. To help strike down prejudice, bias in reporting, and discrimination wherever it has taken root.

  6. To face adversity with grace and honesty, committed to making a difference, taking full personal and social responsibility for the outcome.

  7. To work with integrity, maintaining the highest standard of ethics possible: at work, at home, in science, in research, in everything.

    Making a difference is a very unique privilege.  ACSA is all about making a difference in the world. We are controversial, because we refuse to be seduced by economic interests who've driven the mainstream into the present, half productive, greed driven, negative state of affairs.  Setting the record straight, standing up for those who need our assistance, a deep abiding commitment to freedom, privacy, human rights and personal liberties, the overall quality of life... refusing to be bought or sold by influences with only their own personal gain in mind, helping prevent acts of violence against others, and helping to advance technology so that the quality of life, the quality of the economy, the quality of your own experiences, are these are the always improving.  these are the things those who join ACSA stand for.  If you wish to make an additional financial contribution, there is a handy "donate" link at the top of every page.  We use ALL the donations to move our efforts,  and they make a difference. We always keep our projects moving forever forward.  The results of our unique commitment have been remarkable.  Share in the bounties of the remarkable work done here!

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            Dr. Andrew J. Vanoceur, Executive Director, ACSA

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