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Avoid eating dangerous Toxic Corpo-Foods (TCFs)!

The ravages of corporate food producers: big businesses lure you in with TV Ads, misinformation, and tasty junk, poisonous chemicals and toxic crud they include in their food products. Big businesses who make badly processed food serve only one master: the Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry.  We're not just referring to "junk food" in this article.  We're referring to nearly ALL non-organic food preparations: big business has put your Health behind it and could care less what that decision costs you. 

Moms and Dads of America: you're being misled, you've been conned, you're poisoning your kids AND yourselves unwittingly.  Those huge food businesses, whose foods line the shelves of your local Supermarket, are companies who know you have developed a kind of "programmed faith in" them.  Those big companies who produce the big name foods, are deliberately putting you in that hospital bed as you get older.  They're programming you to spend nearly your entire hard earned wages on health care for illnesses that are the collateral damage which comes from years of drinking sugary, salty, fatty, carcinogen laden, corn syrupy, trans-fatty, additive concentrated, chemical laden food. It's food that appeals to your pallet, reinforces your food addictions, but ultimately makes you sick as a dog and, eventually: DEAD. 

Your sense of taste and pallet become "altered", your appetite and appestat become damaged,  many simply can't stop eating the junk, they're so addicted.  You don't notice how bad the food tastes because the chemicals within it artificially stimulate your system to mask how these Toxic Corp Foods really taste.  Nor have you any idea how bad TFCs are for you.  You consume breads, pastas, snacks and cereals made of reprocessed bleached out no-nutrition grain-residue from plants grown in chemical fertilizer and covered with pesticides, genetically modified not to make them better for you, but to make them worse for the "bole weevil" who wants to eat them before they can be harvested. 

To mask all the toxins, bad growing habits, and pesticides, the foods they are made into are covered with enough sugar to kill the average brown bear, and to mask their purification, artificial flavors so overwhelming that you lose your ability to differentiate. 

You are consuming beverages so toxic they would dissolve a nail, fast foods and deserts so high in caloric content and fat that they provide enough bad nutrients to poison a family of 12 at a single sitting.

You eat meats grown at risk of catching Mad Cow Disease, poisoned by bacterium and then laced with enough chemicals, injected coloring and sugar, and antibiotics to simply preserve the life of the sickened animal, and then to hide the defiled nature of the rotting corpse you're putting in your mouth. 

You buy and eat soups made largely of chemicals heaped on no-longer-organically-of-value food residue and byproduct, and when you gain weight it's because almost everything you eat is loaded down with 36 or more grams per ounce of Raw Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup, the two primary causes of Diabetes.

You eat foods that are going to cause you Cancer because of trans-fatty acid content, because of certain dairy components that have been added, or even which have dangerous drugs fed to the animals they are made from. 

And yet you and the kids eat and eat and eat this garbage, until your bank account is empty.  Did you ever ask yourself: "Why?"

The answer is: because you've not been educated to the nefarious nature of the "big lie" of Corporate Promotion of processed toxic corpo-foods (TCFs), what we call "Campbell Soup Ad Syndrome".  

TV ads have become the strongest promoter of products in our society.  And after watching one, you're either ready to buy the product or your not.  Nonetheless, those that buy have no real idea what they are consuming.  You think it's soup, because it says it's soup, you think its good because of "name recognition" - Campbell. You respond to the imagery the way any human might - Pavlovian - the next time you see that beautiful Campbell Soup Can, you may even salivate.  Yet, have you any idea if there is any real organic value in what you're going to buy next time you're at the store?  TCFs are designed so that TV Ads can sell them, in color, taste, tactile feeling, packaging, convenience, market promotability, ideal and preparation.  They are NOT designed to enhance your health. 

Shortsighted Corporate greed dictates that volumetric profits come first.  You come second.  You're being used, you not only spend your wages on the vast quantity of Toxic Corpo Foods - a/k/a garbage foods, because you don't know any better (there are no TV Ads to advise you what's healthy and what's not, since the nature of an AD is to promote - and they are costly and hardly arbitrary commitments to accuracy in reporting) you then get sick and spend your remaining savings trying to stay alive afterward. 

You devote your entire life to working, yet you give away 2/3 of your hard earned money to toxic food producers and inestimably negligent pharmaceutical companies and their partners in health care.

Toxic "Corpo-Foods" (TCFs) are ravaging America, killing the population masked in the form of diseases so brutal that they not only take life savings in a single health care paroxysm in the average American life, they rob us of our vitality, our communicability, our sexuality. 

Such food includes pesticide laden, genetically modified, soil depleted vegetables and fruits, designed for higher yield at the expense of the health of those who consume it.  And it includes foods from your favorite non-organic restaurant, because food preparers have absolutely no control over their sources and often buy from their wallet, rather than a commitment to health.

It's a vicious cycle that's become PATHETIC: a vicious cycle of addictive junk, passivation of your mind with ridiculous lies, false assurances of safety or healthy benefits, and one outcome. Your ultimate demise is the result, and the demise of your children.  But not until you've spent a life savings on health care and treatment.  You're simply FOOD INDUSTRY CANON FODDER.  Toxic "Corpo-Foods" (TCFs) have made their way into schools with junk food machines, and into corporations where deprivation of snacks is retarded by soda machines, candy / snack machines and cigarette machines, and where lunch now consists of toxic pizza and toxic hot dogs. 

Toxic, you ask, what's toxic about Pizza?  Well, to analyze it here would take pages, rest assured, however, that commercially prepared Pizza is laden with additives, concentrates, bleach, chemical toxins, milk products with antibiotics in them, and inorganically (hothouse) grown vegetables, and caseinate based cheeses that hold cancer and heart disease in their grasp: leading to more poison than a single person can bear at a single sitting and not be damaged. 

And Hot dogs, made from byproducts of cows is another story altogether, a puree of useless proteins, salts, filler and additives that tastes good by design and contains more toxins by design than one could fathom: "why did they manufacture this, to kill us?"  Sure they taste good to us, but the fact is, that's a programmed response, if we had our true sense of taste, unmodified by years of eating and digesting Toxic Corpo Food, we'd notice how bad they actually taste.  Our addictions run wild in the presence of toxic stimulants like nitrates and what is euphemistically called by Corporate food producers as "seasonings".

And who pays the piper?  You do, by progressive destruction of your immune system, your very biology, by the toxins in what you are being seduced into eating by all those little cute TV Ads. 

The worst perpetrators, the Fast Foods Industry, have already been faced with business chilling lawsuits over obesity, but obesity is only part of the problem.  The side effects begin with advanced aging disease and autoimmune retrogression disorder (AAD and ARD), two syndromes that rob you of your ability to fight off disease while causing those systems that were given you at birth to become overly aged in short order.  That leads to cancer, heart disease, kidney, liver and other organ disease, Chrone's disease, obesity, brain disorders, ocular (eye) disorders, hearing loss, graves disease, senility, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, anemia, loss of sensitivity, constant fatigue, muscle cramps and sexual dysfunction, among many other illnesses.  You become a drug addict of a different order, feeding on Toxic Corpo-Foods (TCFs) and potentially lethal pharmaceutical "cures" for what ails you caused by both the TCFs' and the very drugs you take to cure you of their side effects.

The greatest single contributor to ill health today in America after the radioactive carcinogens in Tobacco products, in fact it's a greater contributor to ill health than Tobacco, is today's Corporation Processed Foods: TCFs. 

Why do you think those Pharmaceuticals and their partners, perpetrators of Toxic Corpo Foods (TCFs), have been pushing Viagra and Cialis on America?  To keep the men and women reproducing working offspring. You see, the illness TCFs are causing have been back-logging baby production.  So, Corporate Interests have started manipulating our very sex drive.  DESPITE ill health that has led to declines in the birth rate: they are providing drugs to increase sexual activity so as to compensate for it. 

[ ED: Corporate America has also analyzed "desirable" vs "undesirable" people in society, based on everything from body type and appearance to racial heritage and religion.  Believe it or not, they have been focusing their ads to promote the highest appeal for the worst foods on those they prefer to see less of in society.  However, we won't go into that issue, what we call "Planned Parenthood of the Holocaust", in this article.  There is, however, an excellent book on the origins of this philosophy written by Mr. Edwin Black, entitled: "The War Against the Weak", although we might have preferred Mr. Black entitle it: "The War Against Anyone the Rockefeller Reich Doesn't Like or Deems Undesirable".  It's available on the web at: "http://www.waragainsttheweak.com". ]

And, in case you hadn't watched MTV lately or Nickelodeon, the very same interests are pushing for early sexual activity covertly among teens and pre-teens, not to mention selling them cigarettes and narcotics, kids have not had enough time to become as fat and ill as adults and can produce healthy enough offspring.  In order to insure the available labor for their businesses: they have been cultivating more and more unwed pre-collegiate moms whose children are harvested.  Those babies eventually feed the labor pool before they become bound into the Illness and Hospitalization cycle of pharmaceuticals and advanced treatments, which their adult parents are already realizing as they have gotten older and after years and years of eating TCFs, poisoning themselves. 

Even Hollywood doesn't suspect how it is being used, to underwrite the "Single Mom, Two Daughters" character of "One Day at a Time", expertly produced by Norman Lear, to encourage more and more sexual activity and independence among women, thus widening the labor pool, leading to the likelihood of more children at an earlier age, less dependence upon the Family Structure that might take steps to educate itself and work to be more Health Selective. 

Or by creating the image of dysfunction in shows like "Everybody Loves Raymond" - a modern day cross between "the Honeymooners" and "All in the Family", with a bit of the Munsters and some piquant Woody Allen humor added for good measure: poking fun at Family Structure and debunking the "Myth" of Family Values by portraying, even embracing Dysfunction, while the family sits around, watches TV and eats snacks and grossly toxic corpo foods. Raymond and Deb, despite surgery and cosmetic Hollywood, have aged before our very eyes.

The effects of TCF-promoting lifestyle is everywhere you look.  From "the Sopranos" to "Close Encounters", you're being conditioned to accept Reeses Pieces, Whole Milk, Fruit Loops, Booze and Charles Chips as the norm for food. You're having your expectation level manipulated so you believe obesity and ill health as the norm for adults, and dysfunction and divorce as the standard for relationships, while in reality, Society is clearly mimicking Art, and none of the above is the case. It's become very sad testimony.  IT'S ALL BEING STAGED.

Humanity has begun to die in Ritz Bits and Reese Pieces, lifespans may be longer, but suffering has entered the picture, and illness has become the flagstone of the beginning of the demise of Humanity, what good is a longer life when the net-net-net of it's Quality is that life is no longer enjoyable?  Our Genome is at risk, our children carry forward within them the damage we inflict upon that Genome by eating TCFs and feeding them to our kids.

Read the handwriting on the wall.  The conclusions we have drawn are inescapable. 

To keep up to date, we recommend doing a little reading and a lot of "conspiring" to maintain your health in spite of the lure of the TCFs...  Here are a few articles you can educate yourself with:

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The ACSA has dedicated a substantial amount of effort to publicizing this continuing threat to the health of Americans and of the world over: Toxic Corpo Food (TCFs) and Radiation in Tobacco Smoke (RITS).  Each is responsible for millions of deaths in America and around the world each year. And that is only the start.  We are living through a literal "Health Care Catastrophe" that renders the recent Tsunami in the Mediterranean "tame" by comparison.   The increase in ill-health and expenses associated with health care represents a two hundred fifty-fold jump since the 1950's.  It's draining government resources, and undermining civilian populations. 

Everyone is taking medications for something, as a result, and headed for a very ill old-age.  Collateral diseases like cancer, dementia, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, are rampant, effecting something like 90%+ of the population.  It's got to be halted somewhere, blatant corporate greed has driven the health of America through the floor into the sub-basement.  Government Regulation is not the only answer, since Government is very receptive to Corporate Profits, since they elect Government Leadership. 

All it really takes to exercise PERSONAL CHOICE.  These articles above and elsewhere are stories from the front lines of the battle to take back our health from those holding it hostage.  We're addicted to foods we should not be eating.  We are able to overcome that addiction, one step at a time.

Let's Educate: ourselves and others and SIMPLY DON'T BUY THE TAINTED FOODSTUFFs, research and substitute organically grown food, un-process your diet, don't buy the TCFs hanging out at the local supermarket.  Refuse to be Used™ and restore your health by choosing to find out what's Organic and what's not, what has additives, pesticides and chemical toxins added to it under the guise of "flavor" and "convenience", and what does not. 

And, if you have time, voice your opinion: help that fight for tougher regulations over pesticides, pollutants and corporate abuses of the environment and farming processes.  It's no longer about economy or politics - it's gone way too far - it's now just about the single most dangerous threat to the survival of our species.  If the present trend continues, Humanity is surely going to become extinct. It is as bad as nuclear war.

When it comes down to it, it's simply always been a matter of choice - choose to eat organically and to consume toxin-free foods, and you WIN, choose to embrace TCFs, and you LOSE.  Remember: Corporations are not people, they have no native conscience, the notions of "social responsibility" in most corporate executives is an idea, not reality.  When it comes right down to it: there is no justice, just people getting sick and dying because they didn't know any better not to eat the TCFs...



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