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Opportunity Knocks
The Interstate Traveler Project:  the Hydrogen SuperHighway
written by Edison Park, exclusive story granted to the ACSA

This story focuses on  how a brilliant entrepreneur, Justin Sutton, has combined Solar and Hydrogen Energy Principles with good solid engineering, MAGLEV and the broadest variety of options, to produce a feasible, and enormously valuable technological solution to the need for sustainable energy.  Intended to eventually run along the length of the current Interstate Highway System of some 54000 miles, the Interstate Traveler consists of medium duty vehicles that can transport Automobiles or People at speeds up to 250 MPH, from any metro area to any other, while deriving as their sole energy source, Solar Power converted to Hydrogen.  The Hydrogen powers the Maglev, and the substantial excess is then available for use by the rest of the American Energy Demand.  For more detailed information, proceed to this article.

Business Alert!!
CREDIT CARDS: A License to Steal from Merchants
Written by Dr. Jack A. Shulman, Former Chairman, ACSA

This article focuses on how it is that the Credit Card system represents the negligent behavior of Banking Credit Card Companies.  The Banks, too wealthy to care how much of havoc their lame Credit Card Security facilities truly are, by failing to properly provide security for their own credit instruments are murdering the businesses trying to accept Credit Cards, particularly in certain industries being targeted by anti competition, mob and terrorists.  It's almost as if the Banks will do the LEAST THEY CAN POSSIBLY DO AND GET AWAY WITH, automatically blaming and charging honest merchants for the privilege of being robbed.  Click here for this Article!

Technology Alert !!


CBS.PITA project at ACSA publish's white paper on proposed "Simple Mail Bag Security Protocol", a very simple means to eliminate all further spam on the internet by forcing all email to be sent only by the user account who created it. Click here!

Revolutionary Technology Alert !!

Project DEC-TET @ ACSA -
the Legendary 10 Bit Byte Argument Revisited.

PROJECT.DEC-TET was commissioned to help CPU designers re-evaluate the fundamental component used to group bits conveniently into grains within a computer architectures, by proposing a replacement for 8-Bit "ness" (the so-called: "Octet")  with 10-Bit "ness" (the so-called: "Dectet"), all other things being equal along parallel lines. This novel proposal from Jack A. Shulman, could seriously simplify and enhance both Character Set Definitions and Windowing Graphical User Interfaces (by increasing the graphical and numerological capabilities without overburdening programmers), greatly enhance Computer Security (by increasing the permutations in narrow granular encryption and security systems by 4 fold), efficiently expand Computer Address-ability (by increasing the address space of small memory model particle sizes 4 fold, making them nearly as powerful as large memory model designs with lower power consumption and complexity of connections), and vastly improve Moving Video and Audio Multimedia Technology (by expanding resolutions, simplifying color palletizing, and so forth) to name but only a few potential benefits. 

An exercise in granular redefinition of the fundamental data particle and bus particle size of the PC with a target to avoid a narrowing complication called "over-symmetry", the last of the Unit Record Complications caused by adaptation of Hollerith and by early IBM and UNIVAC computation enginery, is applicable also to the Mainframe and the Supercomputer, since the DECTET BYTE is "just the right size", while the OCTET BYTE we have all been using for 50 years, is either too small or too big for most of it's usages. The repercussions of this upgrade to modern computer data particles, first proposed in 1973 by the inventor, has potential beyond what the addition of "only 2 bits" to the granularity of the modern microprocessor seems to, at first glance.  It literally graduates from fundamental change to REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT as one looks at the tradeoffs both in semiconductor design and engineering; and at software design and engineering.  As most companies widen technology in their computers from 16 to 32 to 64 bit to 128 bit, Project DEC-TET proposes a very unique alternative - start out with 10 Bit DECTET Bytes and then move ahead from there FIRST!  For more information about this clever concept: Click here!

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@Project Terra Alert !!
 Want to become a Terra-FormerÖ? Visit the Project Terra-FormaÖ (2010) website...>
Find out what it is going to take to correct the Global Warming problem without becoming ensnared in politics and 
business conflict.  Join and become a Terra Form Manager or a Terra Form Expediter.  Write the book on how you 
correct the problems with our atmosphere and/or water without causing confrontation, war or government intervention!  And most of all, make a difference by helping repopulate Trees, and Plants and Rivers while helping businesses cope with ever more intensive environmental regulations...
Project Terra-Forma (2010)Ö website...>

Science Alert !! 
In 1972, ACSA Chair suggested to the physics community
that Gravity was caused by Empty Space pressing objects together by 'anti relativistic quantum pressure' which happened as a result of so-called 'solids' and 'energies' being incompatible with empty space, that they rejected each other.   Read
more about his remarkable theory by linking to it above! See Note 1  Mr. Shulman is one of the key developers of the modern day IBM PC (which work he did in 1978), the Windows Operating System's precursor (in 1976), the Internet Browser (in 1974), pieces of the Unix Operating System's earliest designs (in 1968), several massively parallel computer architectures used for flight control, by weapons systems developers, and for artificial intelligence architectures (between 1979 and 1984) and a host of other computer technologies.  Mr. Shulman was named ACSA Science Fellow in 1996, and has consistently provided leadership that has helped ACSA move forward ever since it's founding.  Mr. Shulman also heads the ATTx (ACSA Think Tank "x"), a special non-profit consultancy.

PROJECT ROGUE'S GALLERY: FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!  (how to bring an end to Web-Terrorism)
How to fight websites that deliberately create collections of false information aimed at commercial targets to undermine their reputations through the Internet. Note that many large corporations maintain "dirty trick" slush funds to finance precisely these kinds of Terrorists who engage in Business Terrorism across the Web from a private Safe Haven SOAP BOX!!

READ: AN experiment in using the very same tactics used by WEB-Terrorists who use SAFE HAVEN SPAM/Rants to harass innocent civilians and businesses, is being studied here.  Read the most recent rounds of AWARD announcements to one Peter Bowditch, operator of a WEB-SAFE-HAVEN for SPAM/RANT ATTACKS on BUSINESS REPUTATIONS, and PERSONAL CHARACTERS.  Bowditch is named "Master of Web Terrorism & Terroristic Harassment" in a Publicly Held Award Ceremony, to find out how he reacts when the volunteers call a Spade a Spade... READ ABOUT IT HERE...>

@Scientist Alert !!
MAthematics, BioFusion and Reflexive Control for Sentient Machine. READ ARTICLE
by John D. Norseen
ACSA member, University Professor and Lockheed-Martin Scientist. Professor Norseen, who was named "NeuroEngineer of the Century" by US News Magazine, publishes his most recent article on BioFusion covering his presentation to the Russian Academy of Science in Oct. 2000.  ACSA advises that Professor Norseen is very likely the world's foremost expert on the organization and function of the physical brain.
For more information, please review this reprint of a recent US News Article about John D. Norseen's unique work mapping brain prints to semiotic computation, by clicking here...>  John Norseen was also a keynote speaker on new Information Systems technologies at a Symposium on "Reflexive Congtrol" in Moscow, Russia (Oct 2000 site) sponsored by the Institute of Psychology Russian Academy of Sciences (roughly: Russia's 'National Science Foundation').


@Human Rights Alert !!   
ACSA Scientist Dr. Gurminder Singh, is spearheading a venture to promote advanced Internet Telecommunications that could result in recovery of setbacks in the Internet's evolution.  Dr. Singh is cited in recent publications as the "Telecommunications Scientist of the New Millennium".  A member of the family of famed Sikh Philanthropist and World Leader, Yogi Baghan, owner of "Yogi Teas" of California, Dr. Gurminder Singh is also promoting the Geodesic Space Design Institute at ACSA, and is serving as ACSA coordinator to the Silicon Valley and West Coast Venture Capital Community...  Click Here to Join!  Join the NEW ACSA / GEODESIC SPACE DESIGN INSTITUTE !   

SPECIAL NOTE: Dr. Singh, is one of the few survivors of the infamous Golden Temple slaughter of Sikh spiritual leaders intended by certain political elements in India to strip the Sikh people of their leadership, has been a philanthropist and humanitarian for the past two decades.  A nephew of renowned Sikh Business Leader and International Humanitarian, Yogi Bhajan, Dr. Gurminder Singh is the exiled sole survivor of a concerted campaign by the Indian Congress Party to destroy a Human Rights investigation he was participating in as a Witness, that had been undertaken by Legal Watch and Amnesty International in the Punjab, a State in India.  Dr. Singh was attempting to deliver the findings of the Investigation to Amnesty International in London, when he was imprisoned and severely beaten, nearly to death, in 1993.  Intervention by the British Government resulted in his release, near death, and his eventual exile for recovery, to the United States.  The Investigation's topics included, among them, the study of the death of nearly 5 million Sikh's as a result of state politics. It also included the investigation of the murder of nearly 250,000 Sikh's after the Congress Party assassinated Prime Minister Indira Ghandi and publicly blamed the assassination wrongly on her two Sikh bodyguards, who had nearly succeeded in saving the Prime Minister's life, but were up against overwhelming Congress Party military forces.
Even to this date, members of the Congress Party Brahmin elite continue to perpetuate the myth, resenting the near failure of the coup as a result of the valiant efforts by the Bodyguards to save Madam Ghandi.  The study was successfully repressed by India, whose level of embarrassment at the release of it, might even have resulted in further military action against the Sikh, who represent nearly 75% of the wealth of India, but only about 2% of it's population.  Visit an interesting site: .

Advanced Mathematics (READ PUBLICATION ..>): The Gordian Knot and the Spiral: Dr. Lere O. Shakunle of Berlin, named an ACSA Fellow in 2001, has perhaps revolutionized the notions of quantum dynamics in interlocking mechanical devices and knots.  The Mathematics of Knots? Believe It or Knot!!!

With the Stock Market in a state of uncertainty, and the prosperity associated with Internet ventures severely 'stressed' and 'economically challenged', and in many cases becoming increasingly extinct, the ACSA has organized a specially designed Business Accelerator/Virtual Incubator: KIRAN VENTURES. KIRAN (which means "Light") will be dedicated to  bringing Leading Advanced Technologies out of the darkness of obscurity into the light of the capital markets... [go there!..>]


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Announces Low Cost Auto Insurance for members of the ACSA.  You may ask at 1-800-WEB-APPLY...

 °  ACC  ADVANCED AI WEB SERVER donated  for ACSA UNIVERSITY!  The new "post PhD" Professional University is born. 
    Server uses advanced Pentium 4 XEON CPUs by INTEL.

 ° Live University Conference Server  NOW based on Microsoft NETSHOW, NETMEETING and .NET.

 ° ACSA Announces Sponsored Membership: 116,000 +  Calls for members to update their addresses by email.  REREGISTER YOUR 

 ° ACSA Announces Corporate Membership: 14,000+ Describes 'cooperative savings' program for 
   Corporate Members who can share expenses on certain kinds of purchases and overheads.

Reference Link: [ ]  (to be continued...)
ACSA RENOUNCES THE DEPRIVATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE NATIVE DINEH NAVAHO OF BIG MOUNTAIN AND BLACK MESA ARIZONA, for the purposes of purloining COAL under their farmlands by Peabody Western Corporation, who funded the activities of politicians to circumvent laws protecting our fellow citizens of Native American descent and their national territories, delivering that purloined coal to Gaming Interests who used it to power Casinos in Nevada.  On October 15, ACSA joined the growing world fervor at the UN / European Parliamentary in Condemnation of deprivation of Human Rights (right to own property) being committed against the Native Navaho of Arizona and New Mexico.  ACSA renounces the entire affair as "Harmful the US interests" and "Subrogating the United States to name calling, allegations of Racism and Human Rights Violations." ACSA announces support for the European Parliament's demand that the US Bureau of Indian Affairs "Immediately restore the land of the Black Mesa and Big Mountain to the Native Navaho/Dineh," and other restitutions.  Reference Link: [ ]  (to be continued...)

Help The Physically Challenged!

 ° Donate a Kurzweil and Braille System to the Vision Disabled - (email us)

 ° Donate a Speaking PC with TV interface to the Hearing Disabled... (email us)

 ° Sponsor a Disabled person: provide quality of life through technological interfacing... (email us)

 ° Endow an educational curriculum for the challenged - (email us)



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